On the 14th KBS2 live broadcasting “entertainment artist relay”, the actor river sky appeared as “live invitation”.

Shin Hyun-joon said, “I am really looking forward to seeing the real thing.” Kang said, “I watched all the films of Shin Hyun-joon, he was really handsome, and he was a fan.”

Kang Hye-chan, who chose “entertainment” as his first broadcast after the whole broadcast, said, “I was the first person I met when I was in the entertainment industry.” But then I said, “I really wanted to drink beer. I missed my time alone. “

About the most memorable entertainers, Kanghee said, “The ‘Night of Memory’ team has come to Daejeon Kedongdae directly by asking for the bus. As for the program I often saw when I was in the military, I confessed to myself, “It was the start of the day to see the stage of idol singers getting up in the morning.” 

The river sky is also known as the ‘mistake maker’. It was reported that they helped to serve at their parents’ store when they were on vacation in the military. “I thought my parents had a lot of thought because I was in the military,” he said. “I thought I should help my father when I had time.”

So Shin Hyun-joon said, “The best actor is the best person,” he praised, “It’s like a river sky.” “The script was so good and wonderful, there was no reason not to do it, not to mention the driving force,” he said. 

It is said that the river sky will play a role of Son Jeongnam in ‘Camphor flower season’. “When I like someone, I do not hide it,” he said. “It looks like a role.” 

So Shin Hyun-joon asked, “Who is my brother?” And Kang-hee said, “I can be a little strange, but the person who is kind to the taxi drivers is my ideal person.” He said, “If you are good with taxi drivers, you are kind to other people.” 

He also said that when he was in the military, he was engaged in the “Newly Unaffiliated School.” Asked what his favorite song is now, Kang said, “I like the song of Kim Kwang-seok. 

“If you like the script, you do not have to play any role,” said Kang Hee. “I want to play bad deeds and play bad roles.” 

When asked what life character is, Kanghee said, “It is not a life character, but it was so fun and fun to take in the past twenty films. “I want people who meet me to not be frowned,” said the river sky. “I want to be remembered as a pleasant person.” 

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