On the second day, TVN ‘Kang Restaurant 3’ was broadcast on ‘Kang Restaurant 2’.

On the last business day of this day, Ganghodong made a fatal mistake to make the last pasta and remove the tteokbok sauce, called “stress” and called Lee Soo-geun and fed the failed food.

Kang Ho-dong said, “I failed to get all the food. Gyu-hyun made pizza and made a song, and finished Gorgonzola of Gangho-dong perfectly.

Kang Ho-dong, who finished the last pasta and bibimbap noodles, finished the bibim noodles, saying, “These tears are tears of joy.” So, Lee said, “I put it all in my bibim noodle anyway. I also put a deep-fried squid” and laughed at everyone.

After all the orders, Ganghodong enjoyed joy with the embrace of joy and high five. The dessert bum Minho drew a giant fountain to put on the last bean curd and started to deliver it and said, “We made it all.”

Kyu-hyun asked, “I have six pizza doughs left, I keep on going,” and Ahn Jae-hyun said, “Just keep baking.”

Kang Ho-dong was doing dishes instead of Lee Soo-keun, saying, “How did you do this for 10 days?” I praised Lee Soo-geun for 10 days, saying, “My back is sore.

After the last guests left, the members were about to settle. Na Young Seok PD asked, “What would you do if you got a surplus?” And the members laughed out that they should “share it fairly”. In particular, sales on the last day exceeded 1 million won for the first time in ‘Kang Restaurant’.

I earned 645,500 won, I PD, the cost of the entry, materials provided by the head office. The cost of lodging, the shopkeeping, the drinks that the employees drank, the cups and the dishes were reported at 5,763,140 won.

The net profit was 689,290 won, and when we divided it fairly, it turned out to be 88,470 won per capita, which made everybody embarrassed. The members who listened to it said, “Our daily rate is less than 10,000 won.”

The broadcast was completed and gathered in Seoul for a dinner.

I saw the idea that Lee was a ‘Hall of Fame’ rather than a blackboard on which the producers ‘ideas were written, and there was Lee Woo – geun’ s one – man restaurant, which embarrassed Lee Soo – keun.

The members also decided to leave the picnic, but when they realized that the picnic was canceled because of someone else, they said, “Let ‘s get a hand on someone who said no.” But all of the members caught the eye, saying, “It was time for you”.

Kang Ho-dong reunited with the bishop of ‘Routine’, who had taken care of the ingredients in his noodles each time. Ganghodong, who watched the director who made mistakes every time Kang Ho-dong was happy, shook hands and laughed.

The crew told members to “order one menu per person” prior to the party, but the members seemed to hesitate with suspicion.

Kang Ho-dong, a half-year-old man, showed his success in ordering his first pizza. But at this time, Kang Ho-dong said, “Do not you go out until you eat it?”

In addition, I mentioned the Icelandic Aurora trip that Eun Ji Won and Lee Su Geun received as a commodity at the time of ‘Southeast Western 6’ at that time, and it attracted attention with “I am still refusing to receive” with subtitles and video. Minho said, “I told my brothers not to open their mouths.

The members who ate the meal praised “if you did not have Lee Su Geun,” and the crew made a laugh with a video titled “Lee Su Geun Tongjung Video”. Especially in the public image, “Substitution not possible”, “Kang restaurant is the problem is Lee Su Geun is one of the subtitles,” attracted attention.

The members of the crew who shared the food that they had delivered came up with a birthday cake for Kang Ho-dong and said, “We will provide dessert.”

Kang Ho-dong said, “All of this is thanks to you, for the 4th Kang Restaurant.” The crew also appeared with a gift for Kang Ho Dong.

The gift of the crew came to the river restaurant poster, and the crew wrote the letter in rolling paper. Kang Ho-dong was satisfied with “it is more than anything”. The crew prepared a second gift.

The second gift was the entrance to the river restaurant. Kang Ho-dong was so happy, Lee Soo-geun said, “If you go to the underground parking lot, this is you.”

At this time, Lee Soo-geun, “Aurora products how to do,” he opened his mouth. The crew said, “It will be really fun for one night and two days,” and Eun Ji-won also coincided and laughed.

Lee Soo-geun said, “I do not want to go, but I do not want to see your viewers, please come to my house.”

At this time, Lee Su-geun said, “Eun Ji-won will go immediately if I match the capital of Iceland.” Kang Ho-dong said, “I am CF shooting tomorrow. Minho said, “What am I going to do if I match?”

Minho said, “It’s five letters, Ray Shabik,” and the answer was Reykjavik. Eun Ji-won asked, “What happens if I match?” And the crew confused Lee Su-geun by saying, “Let’s go in a month if it’s wrong.”

In the end, Kang Ho-dong said, “Let’s put five minutes at the end of the third cusp” and laughed.

Eun Ji-won called the capital of Iceland “Lake Hoven, Lake Lakes” and eventually left Iceland in a month.

Especially, the stories of the liberation day were revealed.

On the day of Baek Jong – won, Gang – ho – dong took a long time to get out of the country. Baek Jong-won praised Kang Ho-dong as “I only use 60% of my ability now,” and made Kang Ho-dong smiling.

Baek Jong – won prepared a lunch side dish for the members using kelp made by Kang Ho – dong as a broth.

Na Young Seok PD appeared as an aid to washing dishes in the hall. My PD asked me what is urgent before washing dishes and told the members that they are “urgent.” The PD grumbled, “I did not do anything”, and the members laughed at me, saying, “Did not do anything?”

Eun Ji – won was impressed by the letter he wrote on his napkin, and told his members, “Look at this.” In the letter written by the guest, “Thank you for making good memories” (with with the supervisor).

Minho’s works became public. Minho painted her works every evening during her breaks, and she showed her work to complete the works even after 10 hours of work, and the guests were often impressed with Minho ‘s paintings.

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