However, Kim ‘s left wing remains to the castle residents and viewers. Kim Bo-rae’s acting was so delicate that Kim Hye-na, who had been forced to play in the background of the growth background, was so strong and brilliant.

Kim played JTBC Kim Hye-na with a tragic family history at JTBC’s gilt drama ‘SKY Castle’. Kim was in a position to survive the world somehow by force alone. So he plunged himself into the whirlpool of the castle. However, he was a socially disadvantaged sociologist who was thoroughly out of the world. Kim Hye-na did not even tell Gang Jun-sang (Jung Jun-ho) that she was a daughter, and was even shocked by the power of Gang Jun-sang.

From the appearance of Kim Hye-na to the retirement, the storm that he drove was the main event that covered the castle. The viewers are putting the speculation on his death and burning the debate. This was also the result of the drama. SKY Castle, which started at 1% audience rating (based on Nielsen Korea nationwide paid furniture), is currently ranked at the top of non-terrestrial stations in the second place, surpassing 19%. It is not an exaggeration to say that Kim Hye – na ‘s presence can not be regarded as a soaring performance but his contribution has made a considerable contribution.

In addition, Kim Byung-ha was reborn as a “curious actor” from “a strange face” through a character named “Kim Hye-na”. Kim Hye-na is a person who can never be called a “villain”. It is a character with a nice and loyal personality, but it is a character that can not help but write a mask called ‘impudent’ in front of a rough reality. In the face of a giant opponent, Kim Bo-rae provoked a nasty chuck opponent, but he turned his back on his ability to hide his tears and shake his eyes. I even admire him with his acting ability, which is similar to that of charismatic actors such as.

Kim Bo-ra’s strong acting was born through the combination of a long career and a character that meets Kim’s character personally.

Kim Bo-ra was a 16-year-old actor who made his debut in the drama ‘Wedding’ In 2006, he starred in the drama ‘The Sorrowful Pilgrimage’ and ‘For Horowitz’. In 2007, he set footsteps by postponing the drama “I am good at times”, movies “Not good”, “Lee Jang-soo” and ”

Since then, Kim has been featured in the drama ‘Kimchi Cheese Smile (2007)’, ‘TV Novel Big Sister’ (2008), ‘Jungle Fish 2’ (2010) (2014), ‘Huayu-School 2015’ (2015) and ‘Gorgeous Temptation’ (2016). On the screen, you can watch the movie ‘Heaven’s Children’ (2012), ‘Suspect X’ (2012), ‘Micro-prequel’ (2013), ‘Monster’ (2013), ‘ 2016), and ‘Meet Boys and Girls’ (2016).

Since 2017, he has appeared in more and more recognizable dramas and trendy web dramas and has become more widely known. In that year, he appeared in ‘Buam-dong Avengers’, and last year he appeared in the web drama ‘Love Pocha’ and ‘Fiona’ before appearing in ‘SKY Castle’.

The interesting point is that Kim Hyung – Na ‘s character is buried in Kim Hyun – Na’ s character. Kim Bo-ra, who started from child actor for the first time, showed quite a lot of works in uniforms. So, Kim, who is now 25 years old and born in 1995, is not unfamiliar with wearing uniforms.

In addition, Kim Bo – ra has played a mysterious character who has a sad story or a story like a white paper of ‘Su – kyun’ and ‘Bu – am – a – revenge’. In ‘Huayu – School 2015’, students who were alienated were postponed. On the other hand, like a beautiful man’s earwax, he grew up to be brilliant character and his mother’s garden. In the web drama ‘Love Pocha,

Kim, who has been dressed like a similar character, exploded through ‘SKY Castle’. The complicated expression that expresses the gruesome reality to say that “there is no room to worry about you” in the confession of the different temperature difference and the eruption in the case of Gangseobin (Lee Ji Won) Kim Hye – na in ‘SKY Castle’ closed her eyes, but Kim Bo – ra seems to remain as an actress who is still talked about after the drama is over.

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