KBS Drama Special 2019 “ Goodbye Biwon ” (played by Joaara Kim Min-tae / Director Kim Min-tae), which was broadcasted on November 1, depicts the story of Yeon-Dae (Kim Ga-eun) who has passed the 7th-class civil service exam and wants to leave her home with her 20s. lost.

After a long public life, Yan Da-eun met her ex-boyfriend Jeong Hyun-joon (Jung Joon-won) after a long time. While I was organizing my luggage, I found a bag of money that cost 500,000 won in the closet. Yanda asked, “Have you hidden money in my house?” Jeong Hyun-jun said, “What are you talking about?

Afterwards, Hyun-jun asked, “If I came out of the closet, I’m not the owner,” Yeondaeun “No. That’s eight years ago,” he shook his head. Jeong Hyun-jun said, “The possibility is enough. I would not have cleaned the wardrobe for eight years.”

When he returned home, he unpacked his memories and remembered his memories with Chung Hyun-jun for eight years, but he tried to shake off his thoughts.

The next day, friend Park Kyung-hye (Jeong-seo-bun) informed Yandaeun “Jeong Hyun-joon said that he had a blind date.” 

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