On the 15th, Kim met with reporters at 10:15 pm at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul after completing an investigation into the alleged sexual assault incident. It’s been about 12 hours since I arrived at the police station at 10:23 am.

Kim Gun-mo in front of the reporters said, “I’m sorry for the trouble you have been planted. I hope the truth will be revealed as soon as possible.”

Kim attended a lawyer at 10:23 am on May 15 at Seoul’s Gangnam Police Station to investigate suspected assaults. On that day, Kim Gun-mo went to the investigation chamber, keeping silent on all the inquiries of the reporters, including “Do you admit to sexual assault?”

Earlier in December, Mr. A, who claims to be an entertainment company, argued in a ‘gaseyeon’ that Kim Gun-mo sexually assaulted herself at a pub in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in August 2016. Since then, Mr. A sued Kang Yong-suk as legal attorney and sued Kim Gun-mo. The Gunum Planning Co., Ltd.’s agency, Kim Gun-mo, responded by accusing A for innocence.

The police reportedly completed a GPS forensic operation secured by seizing and tracking Kim Gun Mo’s vehicle. The police will investigate Kim Gun Mo based on the GPS analysis results.

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