Eli recently posted a picture wearing his ring with the phrase “hehet” in his instagram story. In the meantime, the ring maker, along with the account link of EIEL, revealed “I visited with my customers, I picked a product with beautiful details that fit well with me.

There was another picture. The company posted a picture of a man’s hand, and said, “The return visitor has picked the diamond ring. I always thought that I would wear it pretty nicely because I am a good customer of the items.” Netizens raised the assumption that the male was Kim Jae-wook based on the fingertip position.

Rumors that Kim Jae-wook and Lee had coupled with each other later spread to become a paranoia. Eventually, the company deleted the photo and said, “It is a picture of the guest. I am sorry that I misunderstood the comment, and I am sorry if I thought wrong.”

Kim Jae-wook, managing director of the agency, said, “The hands in the photographs are not Kim Jae-wook’s hands. Lee’s agency Artist Company also denied the allegations, saying, “The photographs of companies other than Lee Photo are not Kim Jae-wook, nor are they related to us.”

On the other hand, Kim Jae-wook and Lee’s enthusiasm is not the first time. In May of last year, I uploaded a photo of Kim Jae-wook, who was sleeping on the SNS, and deleted it. At the time, both sides dismissed it as “only taking fun in the waiting room.”

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