G-Dragon attended while actor Kim Min-joon and fashion businessman Kwon Dami held a wedding.

Kim Min-joon and Kwon Da-mi married at the Aston House at the Grand Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangju-dong, Seoul, on the 11th. The society was hosted by broadcaster Oh Sang-jin, and actor Park Joong-hoon cheered for the future of the two as a barn. Here singer Lee Sun-hee celebrated the song with ‘Meet you.’

The wedding, which was held privately, was attended by 200 invited guests. In particular, Kwon Dami’s younger brother G-Dragon, who was in front of the whole world, appeared in the wedding. G-Dragon still wore a warm visual while wearing a bow tie.

Kim Min-joon and Kwon Da-mi were at the center of the topic in June because of their love. At that time, Kim Min-joon told OSEN “I’m meeting well with a good relationship,” he said with Kwon Dami. (June OSEN sidewalk)

According to multiple officials, Kim Min-joon and Kwon-Dami had a lot in common, and they naturally grew love. The two are rumored to be envious of each other by always caring for each other. In addition, Kim Min-joon and Kwon Da-mi are reportedly enjoying dating in Cheongdam-dong and Hannam-dong, Seoul. In recent years, the fashion magazine has caught the eye by releasing wedding pictorials.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s sister, Kwon Dami, launched a fashion brand and received a lot of attention. In 2017, it was named the “ 500 most influential global fashion in the world ” by the UK Media Business of Fashion (BOF).

Kim Min-joon, a fashion model, has gained popularity by appearing in numerous works and entertainment, including ‘Damo’ and ‘Taza’. Under the name Vesper MJ, he was a DJ and made several business achievements.

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