Kim Min-jung and Kim Young-chul, who are one-time shy show, succeeded in one meal in Hawaii.

Actors Kim Min-jung and gagman Kim Young-chul appeared in the first episode of the 3rd Anniversary of JTBC ‘Hanki Suki Show’, which aired on the afternoon of 11th.

When Gyudong visited Hawaii, Thanksgiving Day, the most celebrated American day. The first thing we encountered was Kim Min Jung.

Lee Kyung-kyu and Kim Min-jung were together at Olive and tvN’s “ Snail Hotel, ” which aired in 2018. Kim Min-jung said, “I have also broadcast with Kang Ho-dong in the past. Giving bananas and chocolate milk, ‘Nice Cray. You raised me.’ But I wasn’t big alone.” Kim Min-jung, who starred in the TVN drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’ as the president of Hotel Glory Kudohina in September, said, I still feel like a person at that time. I heard that I’m going to show up for the ‘Hanki show’ Hawaii special feature, ”he said.

Afterwards, Kyu-dong and Kim Min-jung visited the Puukii Cemetery, where the first generation of Korean migrants slept. On January 13, 1903, 102 Koreans were aboard a ship from Incheon to Japan via Hawaii. The United States, which needed sugarcane workers to provide cheap labor, recruited large-scale labor migrants from Joseon under Gojong’s permission, and 7,400 Koreans moved to Hawaii for three years since 1902. As a result, Hawaii became the land of Korea’s first settlers’ history, but the treatment of workers was lacking.

Kim Min-jung and Gyu-dong, who looked around the cemetery, were sorry to see the tombstone of a child who lived for four to six months, two years, or even two days. Kim Min-jung, who had been to Hawaii for the schedule of Andre Kim fashion show in the past, was the first to see it properly.
Kim Min-jung, who appeared as the first solo guest of the third anniversary, said, “I arrived in Hawaii the day before, and I found out that a local person, not a Korean, said,” Kudohina. “

Afterwards, Gyu-dong’s brother, Kim Min-jung, faced with Kim Young-chul. Kim Young-chul, who is fluent in English, embarked as a guide and guest. Kim Young-chul said, “I don’t have my name in the ‘Hiski show’ Hawaii special article. Since then, the four teams have divided the team into Lee Kyoung-kyu, Kim Min-jung, Kang Ho-dong, and Kim Young-Chul.

The four men looked for places where Koreans could live, but the challenge was not easy because they did not have a clue to Koreans.

Soon after, they met Korean mothers and daughters on the street, telling them they were shooting a meal, and recommended a meal with a spoon. The mother and daughter who happily accepted the proposal said, “We have plenty to eat as it is Thanksgiving.”

In the courtyard of the house where the mother and daughter came along, the garden was shaped like a Korean peninsula. Kang Ho-dong and Kim Young-chul, who successfully completed a one-time challenge in Hawaii, began to eat abundantly with Thanksgiving’s representative food turkey and American farewell dinner.

At that point, Lee Kyung-kyu and Kim Min-jung were busy searching for their compatriots. I visited a Korean home for help from local residents, but it was not easy to persuade one meal. Lee Kyung-kyu and Kim Min-jung found a house where a Thanksgiving party is in full swing. Koreans who recognized the two greeted each other and accepted a meal in a simple way. Lee Kyung-gyu and Kim Min-jung, who were given permission by the landlord and the party organizer as the second gateway, had a home party together in a free atmosphere.

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