The 13th and 14th episodes of the SBS gilt drama “The Rising Priest” (Playboy Park Jae-bum / Director Lee Myung-woo) broadcast on March 8th depicted Kim Hae Il (Kim Nam-il)

Gimhae, who met Hwang Cheol-bum (Gonjun min) at the sale center, invites him in the parking lot and proposes a confrontation. The confrontation began under the judgment of the former Dae – young, and the two showed a close – knit performance. Hwang Chul-bum, who felt his opponent for a long time, said, “My priest, where did you eat rice balls? “I’m a little sick because I’m going back to my chin.”

Gimhae Il threatens to leave the welfare facility by visiting the gimjeonggi gimyeon gimjeon (the one who is Lee Moon-shik), who is deceiving people in the name of treating the elders. After returning to the cathedral, Gimhae Il tells the family members of Gutam that they have one side and one side.

Park Kyung-seon calls the Seo Seung-ah (Kim Saek-ro) to ask how he found the position of the witnesses. However, Seo Seung-ae was a source of his own information, and at that time, he knew that Kim Hae-il was using the hacker to find out the information through his secretary.

The supervisor (Gang Seok-tae) starts the test to draw Park Kyung-sun completely to his side. Park Hyun-dong, who had been involved in the case of Pyong-Hong, left Park Kyung-sun to the Yeongwol District Subcommittee, and Park Kyung-sun said, “I admit that I made a mistake. But you have one. It was not enough, “he said.

Hwang Chul-boom, who had never been to anyone with his fists, remem- bered Kim Hae-il’s fighting ability and could not stand disgruntled. “I do not think so,” said Hwang Chul-bum, who was singing alone, instructing his men to do the back-up of Kim Hae Il.

Gimhae Il learned that the police chief, the mayor of Gu-dum, and the members of the former provincial council were all members of a parliament, and began to study measures. In the meantime, Gimhae was informed by a poor foodservice company that a child in a welfare facility was in danger of endangering his life.

Gimhae Il, who had read the change in the expression of the old Korean foodservice company, has been aborted and found out that the president of the poor foodservice company is a nephew. In the end, Gimhae Il visited the foodservice company directly and punished the company representative with a sore throat.

The members of the Old Town Cartel find a secret safe after the ‘Saving Day’. They had hidden about 150 billion won of the money they had collected. At that time, a call was made to Hwang Chulbum that Kim Hae Il raided a foodservice company, and Hwang Chulbum used a religion to make Kim Haiil embarrassed.

Gil Yoon went to a welfare facility and forced the children to follow his actions, and he planned to shoot Kim Hae Il’s planting and listen to the news to try to beat him. While Kim Hae Il can not stand the excitement as planned, Dae Young runs to dry it, but he falls down when Kim Hae Il wins a baseball bat.

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