He held a second golden badge and held a high degree of hygiene.

In the 95th edition of the channel A entertainment program “I Only Believe Me, The City Fisherman” (Planner Jang Si Won), which was broadcasted on the 27th, the second story of Japan’s Oddo is also on its fishing trip.

Kim won the golden badge and proved to be the best performer in the entertainment industry. In the second show, Kim won the second golden badge to defeat the teachers and brothers.

The second confrontation in Odontology is the long tailed Bengadeom. Kim Rae Won, who received the support of the banner of the phrase ‘Did you have to catch it all that much?’ Last week, took a leisurely stance and settled down and made everyone nervous. Despite the bad weather, Kim was able to catch a 39cm long tiger venguod while keeping his fishing rod silently.

Kim was more impressed with his extraordinary care and warmth. He said, “I do not like it, I just do not like it. I think that it is the courtesy of fishing because there are some people who can not catch it. “

Lee Duk-hwa and Lee Kyung-gyu, who had previously missed the golden badge to Kim Rae-won, felt his bitterness again and pledged his next. Those who missed the golden badge both times were more depressed than ever, revealing a ‘laughing’ mind. Lee said, “I had a face for two days.” Do not be too hard. I forgot all the smoke, “Lee Kyung-gyu said,” The ‘urban fisherman’ has become a wreckage. “He laughed and laughed a bomb.

In addition, Jang Do-yeon was able to take care of the fish in a way that helped him to fish carefully. Jang Do-yeon said, “It was such a fun fishing,” said Kim Rae-won. At lunch, he asked Lee, “Can I (bibimbap) rub it?”

Kim grabs a second golden badge and says, “Thank you. Tomorrow also? “Leaving a brief impression of the third golden badge to reveal the desire to tremble everyone. Kim Rae Won, who has won two golden badges in the ‘Mecca of fishing’, is gathering his hopes for a third challenge.

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