KBS 1TV’s daily drama ‘Summer Ah, Please’ (played by Ji Ji-won and director Sung Joon-hae), which aired on the afternoon of August 8, shows Han Joon-ho (Kim Sa-kwon) who found out that Ju Sang-mi (Lee Chae-young) had deceived herself.

Han Joon-ho was shocked to hear the story of Sang-mi Ju and Huh Kyung-ae (Moon Hee-kyung) outside the room. Heo Kyung-ae, who came out of the room, was surprised to see Han Joon-ho.

Han Joon-ho said, “What are you talking about? It’s a legacy before marriage. What did you mean when you gave it to Geum-hee?”

Huh Kyung-ae said, “What did you hear wrong?”, But Han Joon-ho stared at Jusangmi, who shouted.

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