The MBC drama “The Banker” (drama Seung Eun Jung, director Lee Jae Jin) broadcasted on the 10th night was portrayed in the office where Moon Hong-joo (Cha In-ha) was working at the office where Roh Dae-ho (Kim Sang-jung) was working.

On this day, Moon Hong-joo went to the inspection room and said, “I have been officially introduced to you now.” Then, Moon Hongjoo tried to spend leisure time sitting on the massage chair in the auditorium. At this time, in the tent that was located in the corner of the auditorium,

Moon Hong-joo, who discovers Servo Girl, was surprised and poured coffee that was held in his hand. Mun-hyoju made a painful look with “Oh well”. “I do not know why,” he said to his son, “Why are you crawling out of the tent in the morning and scaring people?” Munhongju said to himself, “Why are you suddenly short on words?” He said, “Let’s see my resident registration card as soon as it comes out.”

However, ServoGirl made an expressive look and said, “Time has already come to this.” He hastened to avoid the situation, saying, “I’ll have to wash it up quickly.”

Among them, Roh Dae-ho (Kim Sang-jung) visited Hansuji (Chishira). He said, “Was there a green spot on the list of general managers, or not?” “The performance is much lower than that of the princess.” Roh said, “But now, I do not think it’s strange.” Hsuji, who heard these words, explained, “The vice-minister (vice-minister) wanted to organize the executive and close lines at the branch closure.”

Then, Roh said, “How can you do such a thing without any hesitation?” He wondered, “Princess branch had nothing to do with Seo Ji-suk.” “It’s a battlefield,” Han Soo-ji said. “If you ask me to do something above, I will do it.” He said, “How many times do I have to talk?”

Han Sook-ji recalled the past that “Princess branch was not on the list until it was in my hand.” When he heard these words, he began to ask, “Did the upper man be a flesh-and-blood vice-chancellor?” “I thought I was going to end up in the flesh of a flesh-and-blood vice-chancellor,” says Hyo-jae,

At the end of Han Sangji, the Roh was surprised and said, “What do you mean by that?” “I do not care what the truth is, I will believe it to be an arbitrary decision of a six-body vice-chancellor,” Han Soo-ji said.

On the other hand, a member of the National Assembly, Shin Sang Chul, called Gang Sam Do (Dong Geun). Shin Sang-cheol, a member of the parliament, said, “I heard about the recruitment of a new recruitment employee at Chung Chan Chan.” So, Gangsam – do suddenly stopped the phone after turning the conversation into a panicked voice. Kang Sam-do went to the head of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Park Jin-ho. Park Jin-ho gave a cold voice to Gang Sam-do and said, “I sent a lot of people to the company,” and “I do not want to pick more people.”

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