Kim Suk-yong who does not have a lot of expressions also reacted differently to Sook Kim’s dish.

Kim Su-yong and Ji Seok-jin appeared as guests on JTBC ‘Thank you for the refrigerator’ broadcasted on the 10th. Kim Soo-yong and Ji Seok-jin are members of ‘Jo Jong-ri’ with Yoo Jae-seok, Park Soo-Hong and Kim Yong-man. In particular, the two were from university gag, and Kim Seok-jin was two years younger.

Kim Soo-yong said that he was hesitant to appear in the “Please take care of the refrigerator.” Kim Soo – yong said, “If you see the guests, you are expressing your taste while you are eating.

So, Ji Seok-jin said, “So chefs who will meet with Kim Su-yong are hell today. He eats any tasty food.” Kim said, “When I’m really good, my expression is ‘delicious’ and I want to eat it again.

Kim Soo-yong caught the attention because he said that he had an “airport disability” because of the dark circles. Kim Soo-yong said, “I have a dark circle, so when I go abroad, I get a lot of impressions.” A few years ago, I went to America and my locker was caught in my bag.

Kim Su-yong said, “The bag was used illegally to smuggle crocodile leather.” He said he was on the X-ray, and when I opened the crocodile leather, “Snake,” he said. “The horse showed me how to graze the worm through the mouth and then he would send it.”

When asked about the Dark Circle treatment plan, Kim said, “I have been contacted by plastic surgeons.” He said, “I want to try plastic surgery, I want to treat my dark circles.

However, he said, “I waited for a while and then refused, and in fact, it was casted a lot because of Dark Circle character,” he said.

On this day, Yoo Hyun-soo and Samkim chef started their first showdown with the theme of “dark burger to keep dark circles”. Yoo Hyun-soo was wrapped in a kimchi and said he would make a fried burger called ‘Burger Kim’. In addition, the shrimp fried with pastry dough was also announced. Samkim explained that he would make Sam Donald and Sam Kimplot desserts, rich in cheesy burgers.

Kim Su-yong tasted Yoo Hyun-soo’s “Burger Kim” and said, “It’s not bad.” After adding the sauce, they responded “delicious”. ‘Delicious’ is the expression of Kim Soo – yong’ s praise, Yoo Hyun – soo laughed. Kim Su-yong tasted Sam’s Kim’s “Sam Donald” and after a while he said, “Duck in my mouth knows me.” Victory went back to Sam.

The second culinary competition theme was ‘Southeast Asian cuisine is delicious’, with Chung Ho Young and Oh Se-deuk chef. Chung Ho-young stated that he would make a Puppy Pong Curry with a nacho lengu and a crab, referring to the title ” Oh Se-deuk announced that he would make a ramen noodle called ‘Hoe-puffer’ and would add Thai dipping sauce and Vietnamese garlic pickles. Kim Soo-yong, who tasted two dishes, chose the mischievous.

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