‘Taejeonggwan order’ containing ‘secret of Dokdo’ in ‘Taktopbang problem son’ received a lot of attention. 

Kim Wan-sun and Kim Jung-nam appeared as guests in KBS 2TV ‘The Problem Son of Oktapbang’ which aired on the 12th. 

Prior to solving the problem, a lot of attention was focused on the appearance of Kim Jung-nam and Kim Wan-sun, who are commonly known as crushing Kim Wan-sun. Kim Jung-nam could not hide his fluttering enough to turn his head toward Kim Wan-seon. Everyone was curious that Kim Wan-sun suggested joining Kim Jong-nam. 

On the spot, Kim Wan-sun’s ideal type World Cup was also held. The semifinals were played with Kim Yong-man, Kim Jung-nam, Min Kyung-hoon and Jung Hyung-don. Kim Wan-sun quickly chose Min Kyung-hoon, while Kim Yong-man and Kim Jung-nam chose Kim Jung-nam. In the final, Min Kyung-hoon and Kim Jung-nam were joined, and Kim Wan-sun shouted Min Kyung-hoon coolly without hesitation. 

Then full-scale problem solving continued. In addition to King Sejong’s nursery chicken testicles, the so-called ‘bumblebee’ poses were fined on the New York subway. 

In particular, it was called G-Dragon in the 90’s, and Yang Jun-Il’s problem received attention. 

The issue of a star that was nicknamed ‘G-Dragon in the 90’s and’ Genius that preceded the era ‘, which received a good response on YouTube, was asked. As soon as he heard the problem, Kim Wan-sun noticed who he was. 

The answer was Yang Jun-il. Min Kyung-hoon has no sense at all, but Song Eun-yi, Kim Yong-man and Kim Wan-sun are in a hurry. Yang Joon-il, who showed off a sophisticated stage reminiscent of Michael Jackson, has recently been reevaluated online. 

Kim Wanseon thought about the stage that he had collaborated with Yang Jun Il in the past, and ‘Cross-Love Boy’ Kim Jung-nam expresses his subtle jealousy and makes a smile. 

Jung Hyung-don said, “I was dressed in silverfish after I was wearing silverfish.” 

Subsequent to the Liberation Day, a document called Taejeonggwan order containing the truth of Dokdo was presented. The Taejeonggwan order, written over 140 years ago, is a document recognized by the Japanese government that Dokdo is not Japanese territory. Japan acknowledged that Ulleungdo and Dokdo were not Japanese territory. The problem son of the rooftop room also asked other peoples to let them know this. 

The last problem is the strange Korean word ‘Wangbae Yadeokbae’. ‘Wangbae Yadeokya’ suffered here and there, and when we couldn’t bear the pain, there were various speculations. Kim Wan-sun and Kim Jung-nam actively responded to the quiz by happily solving problems. 

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