Can Kim Woo-bing, who is improving his health, come back with Choi Dong-hoon?

Actor Kim Woo-bin positively discusses the appearance of director Choi Dong-hoon’s new film, the SF genre, the movie “Alien” (gaese). 

On the afternoon of April 4, news of the news that the actor Kim Woo-bing is discussing the appearance of the new work which Choi Dong-hoon is preparing is known through the independent report of OSEN, ‘Taja’ ‘Thieves” assassination. 

The news that Kim Woo – bing is preparing to return is a well – known story in the film industry. Kim Woo-bin, who recovered his health a lot, poured out a lot of love calls. At that time, Kim Woo-bing said that he would like to come back with Choi Dong-hoon.

Previously, Choi Dong-hoon and Kim Woo-bing confirmed the movie ‘Tongchung’ in 2017, but in May of that year Kim Woo-bin went into battling life due to the unexpected judgment of cancer of the rain. Choi Dong-hoon and the provincial government announced that they will not shoot until the actor is cured.

Kim Woo-bing was the best blue chip in the entertainment industry with his drama ‘School 2013’, ‘Heirs’ (2013), ‘Friends 2’ (2014) and ‘Technicians’ (2014) . 

Choi Dong-hoon, director of ‘Took Cheong’, made preparations for a new work this year and once again talked about his work with trust and faith in Kim Woo-bing. Kim Woo-bum is reportedly considering Choi Dong-hoon’s work as a top priority. 

Kim Woo-bing focused on recovery only after receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the biopsy. Recently, I have traveled to Japan with Dochyung Soo, Lee Kwang Su and others. According to officials, it is said that it recovered a lot of health this year.

When Kim Woo-bing returns to Choi Dong-hoon’s new film (scheduled to be released after 2020), it has been almost four years since his master’s release in December, This new ‘alien’ (gauze), Ryu Joon-yeol, Jeon Ji-hyeon, and Kim Tae-ri are also expected to cast casting lineups.

On the other hand, director Choi Dong-hoon’s allegedly aliens are produced in the same way as the ‘New with’ series, with one or two scenes being produced at the same time. He is currently working on the second scenario. It was originally planned to be filmed between October and November, but it may be delayed early next year according to the preparation process.

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