Kim Yoon-seok, who was called “the director of the scene in the field,” gave his first work, “Minor,” to the world with the title of a real director. He is a chief minister who is known as an actor who plays violently, so his works are buried all over the world. I did not edit Huturu for only 1 second. I can feel the traces of distress. The technological awkwardness is fully covered by the deep drama and the actors. From the opening to the ending, it was time to pursue ‘perfection’. Kim Yoon-seok, who has never disappointed with acting for over 30 years after his debut, seems to have no desire to disappoint the audience with his directing.

※ Continue at interview ②. – What is the most important part of the field as a director? Conti is a mediator that shares information with the staff and actors in the scene on how to put them on the camera. The art team and props team also prepare to Conti. I tried to work on Conti as much as I did importantly, and I spent a lot of time learning about the actors and cinematic time to explain the situation. “

– For example. “I had to express the state of the lord and the anger of Juri in the” barefoot “one, and the lump of seafood fell off the back of the refrigerator, It is also the same as leaving the duck bag, “Oh, the lord knew, I knew, but I did not exactly kill him,” I have to go to the drama to explain everything.

– Actor experience seems to have helped understand actor’s mind. She said, ‘I knew it like a tweezer.’ “(H) Mr. Jeong-woo did not direct, but he said,” I can see better because I’m sitting on the monitor. “That was perfect. I got help from each other and I was able to learn through direct experience. It was an opportunity to think again. “

– The feeling of ‘underage’ is somewhat different from the sensitivity that Kim Yoon-seok showed through his character as an actor. “I know my pros and cons, and I have a movie I like and I have a preferred style, which is very different from the characters of the movie I played in.” (Laughter) “Minor” Works. “

– Stressed the power of drama and acting. “I think that the theme that is the longest in the world comes out to people who keep the universe, and there are a lot of works that are very dazzling in genre. Every detail that I take out and see comes out with new points, the delicate details in my personal life are always seen in a different perspective, and the parts I prepared after I decided to make this work for the first time are those that I like best. It is true that the ability is only that much (laugh). “

– What was the position of the coach I experienced firsthand? “Most of the making films, including the director, most of the staff are dressed like climbers who have just climbed the streets,” I wonder why I have to do that. “At least I decided to put on my jacket.” The first day of filming was February 3, 2018, but it was colder than Siberia, and I gave up immediately, and the more I filmed, the colder the weather was, the colder I was. (Laugh) ” – The reaction to the ending is mixed up. “The spoiler is hard to explain in detail, but if adults do not approach a new generation, if you do not reach out and open your mind first, I do not have the qualification of ‘I do not have the qualifications’, so I thought that more and more things might happen. No one will be able to comment on the choices of Ju-Ri (Kim Hye-joon) and Yoon Ah (Park Se-jin)

– What was the director’s intention? “The easiest thing is ‘I will not forget you forever.’ I go to the amusement park where the business is interrupted and make money with” three people. “I acknowledge the existence of the child. I think it was the best beauty that 17-year-old high school students can do, even if it is a difficult direction to understand, I wanted to finish the movie with a smile and a smile.

In other words, it means “you will not forget what you did.” Not qualified. In fact, I thought that if a new generation does not have adults, if they open their minds together and reach out their hands, many more things may happen. Is the new director too fond of doing? (Laugh) I was worried as much. – The ending of the original was the same. (Laughter) The title of the original is completely different from the original one, and I consulted with the author about “how to open the title of the original,” but I decided not to talk directly to him. As I mentioned earlier, the original work is a play on the creative presentation, I stopped because of what I could develop further, and I have to touch it for a long time.

– Is the baby a dummy? (Laughs) The incubator room was almost the only set-up, and the CG was the only way to get in the way, so I decided to focus on the camera and give it as much realism as possible. There is a puppet show in the theater, and the most difficult expressions are hands and feet. – What does the term ‘underage’ mean? “When you consider only ‘underage’ itself, there is the meaning of ‘not yet adult’, and there is beautiful beauty, too. I was worried about whether I would mark the 19th circle with a red circle like I did with the stamp next to it.

I prepared for five years. How is your satisfaction? “I do not think I should be spending money on these good actors, so I really do not have much to say about it.” The biggest burden was on it, and the release was unfolding, but I learned so much in the preparation process. I was able to check each and every one slowly and slowly, and I did almost everything I could try.

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