I do not know such an inside story and I recognized Kim Hyun Sook as a pro.

Lamilan (Lamilan) knew that Nasua (Park Soo-a) wrote a resignation letter at the 7th meeting of the cable TVN drama ‘Young-Ae Mi 17’

President Seoji Seok (Seokseok) sees Nasua’s resignation letter from Lee Young-ae (Kim Hyun-suk) and calls him “Did you try to write Lee Young-ae’s resignation letter?”

He said, “Your husband has not been tortured, the king has been broken, and his husband has been tortured because he has run the company management hastily and arbitrarily.” He gave me a salary, It is like dogmatic, so I will cut my salary. ”

Lee Young-ae, who is angry, said, “I can not cancel the contract already written, but I do not do it again.” This behavior is arbitrary. I will treat it as a rusty. ”

Lamiran (Lamiran) knew that his brother was writing his resignation letter and going down to Pusan, but he did not tell the boss the truth. He was upset about the fact that the company people and Suo had a legitimate suspicion of being a criminal.

Since then, Lee Yong Ae has been in charge of personal affairs, not paradise, by avoiding the eyes of information stones. However, information stones became competitors, too, and Lee Young-ae was unable to speak to the audience and became an invisible competitor.

Afterwards, I saw Lee Young Ae’s cyanide and said, “This is really good. He did not say that he had already filed it.

Lee Yong-ae submitted a new cyanide in succession. Lee Seung-suk, Lee Young-ae attitude of such a “hungry, one is hard work,” he admitted. However, it turned out that Lee Young-ae came out as a representative of competitors.

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