Hip-hop, rock, Korean music, ballads, musicals and operas were gathered to find their own duets. The two singers of different charms will breathe together and offer freshness that has not been seen in other programs until now. Lastly, the finished stage collects expectations of what impresses viewers.

On the afternoon of the 4th, KBS Nuri-dong Cookie Studio in Youngdeungpo-gu, Yeouido, Seoul, held a press conference for KBS2 new entertainment program “Kiss”. Jung Mi-young, PD, who was in charge of casting, moon, punch, mountains, Nam Tae-hyun, Choi Jeong-hoon,

The first day of the day, Jung Mi-young PD said, “It is a program to show the talented duo of talented singers. The program covered the process of finding out who is the right partner for each other. I put the program into the program so that the duet stage looks better. ”

The reporters said that they are similar to the “heart signal” and explaining the difference, Jung Mi-young PD said, “There is a psychological movement. But basically he thought about the stage a lot. We have a stage for each car. I did not know which one would be a duet with someone. It was in a state of extreme every time of recording. So we went into preparation for recording in a tense state every time. ”

In addition, Jung Mi-young said, “The professionalism of the stage was strong. I also thought it was a personality. I also made courtesy to the staff while making the program together, conceded and gave it to me. I think that such a unique feature of our program, “he added.

Then, Jung Mi-young PD did not think that it was similar to “heart signal”. It was hard to get to the place where the film was taken because the “Heart Signal” was taking too much of the place to take pictures. Basically, ‘kissing’ is music art. Music is the main program. Singers sing songs each time. It was amazing that such a great stage could come out in the field, even though the stages were attributed in a very short preparation time. It seems to be our original creativity. ”

Based on our own experience of directing ‘Heartsign’, “We do not live together. I meet that day. If the “Heartsign” was touched by emotions, I thought what kind of synergy would happen when I met that person in that genre. So it was hard for that. I also have to decide on the song all of a sudden, and I think that it is different from the “heart signal”. ”

Jungmyoung PD said, “There is a process of guessing who should be a duet with two people outdoors. Finally, this person is the first to meet me, this person and the last one to record in front of the audience. Until then, we show the stage only among singers, and give each other time to look at the stage and think about it. It is important what stage will come out. It is good that you can expect, “he said.


Seon Tae-jin plays his bass role as a quartet team. In any situation, you can match your opponent. I’m used to it, and I want to get into the music of the other person. I tried to save those parts, “he said, and owns” I have a lot of experience in duets. I did not hear the sound of the voice itself, it was a good mix when I met someone. ”

Nam Tae-hyun said, “The moment comes to choose a partner. You may not be able to make a choice. I feel very bad. I do not know if there is anything wrong with that, “he said.

On the other hand, ‘Kissing’ is a program of nine star musicians who have been touched on the stage for a long time to find their own voice partner. First broadcast on Tuesday, 5th at 11:10 pm.


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