On this day, EXID appeared in “Knowing Brother” with a complete body including soles, and received a gaze on one body. Because the soles have recently returned from hyperthyroidism. “This is the reason why we have come from the source of aid,” said EXID.

“I do not know, but I was suffering from hyperthyroidism, I suddenly got sick, I shook my hands and poured my eyes, and now I’m normal, but I can not do it and I need steady management.” did.

As much as I waited for the soles, these other members of the EXID also boasted a solid heart and colorful episodes. Hye-rin said, “When there is no schedule before ‘Up and Down’ is good, I go to school and eat school lunch, but all the members eat only three meals.” “I also had a part-time job.

Honey has seen tears in front of her older brother, Kang Ho-dong. Hani said, “I was treated yoga teacher when I was in ‘stocking’ MC, and when I saw me, it seemed that there was a hard time, and it comforted me, and at that moment I had tears, “I do not want to be crying because I do not want to cry,” he told me, “I was touched when I was comforted.”

Among the colorful episodes, this EXID  was boastful of intense gossip. HERRIN is the “crazy person” of this X-ID, and she has presented a variety of funny faces. He also confessed to the epidemic of the toenail operation, such as the unassuming episode I laughed.

Among them, the cleansing showed the restlessness. “I think it would have been fun if you answered” I know your brother’s name when it’s tough, “and he says,” It would be fun if we were together. ” “He said.

In addition, Hyerrin and Sorgei added, “I do not think it is a memory that was difficult to say even if I told you the fact that I worked part-time and part-time.”

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