On the first broadcast of the drama ‘The Extreme Dinner Table’ on the 29th, Ko Ji Yong and Cho Tae Kwan and Cho Hye-ri, Cho Ji-yong and Cho Tae-gwan played a cooking contest. 

‘Extreme table’ is a program in which two husbands receive a mission paper and apron every week and confront with a dish to grab the taste of his wife. Husbands to face off do not know each other until they come to the studio. 

The guests were married couples Ji-yong Hur and Yang Ha-ri Cho Cho-gwan. Ko Ji-yong said of Jo Tae-kwan, “I think you’ll be good at cooking. As you saw in Gungmin husband,” he said.

Cho Tae-kwan, “I’m a big fan of Go Ji-yong. But today I win. I practiced a lot. I turned on the lights, poured water and went through the whole process.” 

Kojiyong can not cook at all, but the pride of ramen was great. Ko Ji-yong said, “It’s awesome. The ramen is water-controlled by brands. Moon Se-yun said, “The most dangerous thing is to boil ramen.”

On the other hand, Cho said, “I put exactly 550ml.” Expectations for the cooking showdown between Go Ji-yong and Cho Tae-gwan, which are dramas and styles, increased. 

A VCR showing the husbands receiving the mission was released. Cho received a mission paper and an apron at the gym. The mission is to celebrate your wife’s birthday with your friends. The time limit was 30 minutes.

MC Song Eun-yi asked No Hye-ri, “Have you ever received a birthday award from Cho Tae-gwan?” Roh said that he had never received a birthday award ever since he was dating. Hur Yang-im, who was asked the same question, said, “I never expected.” 

Ko Ji-yong visited Chef Lee Won-il. Ko Ji-yong wanted to boil seaweed soup with Hee Yang-im’s favorite seaweed. I wanted to add ribs, but the time limit was a problem. Chef Lee Won-il suggested, “Wouldn’t you rather slice the ribs and bake the LA ribs?” 

Cho asked for advice from Hong Seok-cheon. At this time, the chatty face of Cho Tae-gwan was raised. Cho Tae-gwan has arranged a series of honeymoon episodes since she decided to cook, and watched lemongrass in Mt. Hong Seok-cheon couldn’t hide his tired expression, making the studio a laugh.

Cho Tae-kwan told Hong Seok-cheon, “My wife likes broth, food should be spicy and neat, and I like noodles. I really like Shenyang 꿍.” So I decided to decorate my birthday with Sun Yang.

After the VCR, Go Ji-yong and Cho Tae-kwan entered the kitchen. Koji Yong prepared ‘Mae, Al, Pear 3 Set’, and Cho Tae-gwan said, ‘Happy Birthday Day ~ Hicks! I decided to cook a dessert for my mouth. 

Koh Ji-yong started making crab clam, lager ribs and crab dumplings. There is also a cheat key that will shorten the cooking time of LA ribs. It was a pear drink. 

Cho Tae-kwan used makgeolli to make homemade sujebi dough into Mt. Cho Tae-gwan said the secretary’s card. Makgeolli reduces the time for fermenting the dough.

While Ko Ji-yong cooks calmly, Cho Tae-gwan attracted attention by the performance that Chef Choi Hyun-suk came up with. Cho Tae-gwan showed exaggerated movements in every cooking process, and MCs burst into laughter.

Gojiyong pulled out a potato knife to cut the boat. Go Ji Yong took the boat to the ship and began to cut the storm. MC’s interest in unexpected tools was explosive. 

Cho dessert was prepared with cotton candy parfait. But No Hye-ri said, “I don’t like cotton candy. I don’t like sweets.” 

Koji Yong finished the food for 4 minutes, and Cho Tae-gwan served 40 seconds before the end. Cho Tae Kwan’s dishes were first released. No Hye-ri said, “It’s fluttering and a little strange.” 

But Nohyeri had a difficult look even before tasting. Nohyeri do not eat coriander, but Yangyang 꿍 was filled with coriander. Instead, he gave a good rating to Sujebi. Chef Choi Hyun-seok also praised the “taste that overcame the process.” 

Heo Yang-im also began to eat Goji Yong’s dishes. As soon as he had eaten the soup, he said “delicious”, added expectations. “It’s a lot better than I boiled,” he added.

Los Angeles ribs and cabbage were also passing points. Huh Yang-im said, “I’ve eaten cabbage for the first time, it’s really sweet and delicious. Actually, kimchi should be cooked, but it’s okay to eat it right away.” 

At this time, Ko Ji-yong said, “I have one more thing. My wife is a few days later.” It was a Ristianus with a flower language of ‘unchanging love’. Ko Ji-yong explained, “My wife’s favorite flower.” 

The result was Go Ji Yong’s victory. Ko got four out of five and became the first extreme husband. Ko Ji-yong said, “I’m glad that I gave a big present to my wife who celebrated her birthday. Thank you.” 

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