MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ broadcast on the 8th, the exclusive interview with Jason Mraz was revealed.

Jason Mraz recently visited Korea in five years on the world tour ‘Good Vibes Tour’. Jason Mraz said, “I want to be a singer who spreads love,” and “I would like to thank all those who have spent their time listening to songs and coming to see the performances.”

Jason Mraz said, “I don’t know why, but I felt that my song’s message, melody and Korean fans are connected.” “Korean fans are very passionate and shouted. Only Korean fans are so enthusiastic about me. Korean audiences are more passionate than fans in any country. They sing together and share their joys and shouts in the middle of the song. I love it so much. ”

Then, when they worried about the outdoor performance instead of the indoor performance, they replied, “I’m lucky to be outdoors this time.

Also, they gave a gift of Korean to Jason Meraz, who loves Fedora, and Jason Mraz attracted attention by showing herself in love with her.

On the other hand, Jason Mraz showed a warm hearted song for the viewers. Also, especially for Korean audiences, he showed enthusiasm by learning the terms ‘inner eardrum boyfriend’ and ‘love’.

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