I have already been looking forward to seeing how different students with different backgrounds will be able to shape their ‘brother school’.

As a result of OSEN coverage on the 4th, it is confirmed that Jongseok and Yoona appear as guests in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Ai Brother’, which will be held on the 18th. According to the official, it is a good point to see what kind of combination Kwon Seok-seok and Yoon-ae, who first appeared in “Knowing Brother” 

Cynthia and Yoona’s “Knowing Brother” were accompanied by the movie “Exit” (Director Lee Sang Keun, Producer Co., Ltd., Yoo Yu Lankang, Co-produced Film Kay, CJ Entertainment). Exit, which is scheduled to be released on March 31, is an action film to escape disaster that depicts an emergency situation in which a young man, Yoon Nam (Kang Seok-seun) and a college club’s younger son Yoo Ahn (Yoon Ahn) As two people breathed into the male and female protagonists in ‘Exit’, they decided to appear together in ‘Knowing Brother’ for the work. Both Kinsuk and Yoon are the backers of the fact that they have a distinct attachment to ‘Exit’. 

Especially, in the case of Kangseok, this is the first appearance of ‘knowing brother’. In the past, his wife, a singer spider, appeared with Kim Bumsoo in “Knowing Brother,” but at the time, his comment on the court was short. Because the members of ‘knowing brother’ celebrated with reference to the federal marriage, the spider showed a federal shy smile.

The spider, however, revealed to his members that he knew that he could not escape once he fell in love with me, and that he did not graduate until the first time he entered the school. In this way, Kang Seok Seok is making a stir and anticipation at the same time. 

On the other hand, Yoona has experienced ‘knowing brother’. He appeared in “Knowing Brother” as a whole in 2017 with members of Girls’ Generation. Since all of the members are girls veteran of the arts veteran, Yoona completely took control of her brother school together with the members.

Despite being a visual member of Jung Prodee among fans, he did not hesitate to break for laughter rather than beauty. So, after the broadcast, it was talked about collecting the topics until it confessed that “Sword of the Girls” and “Yoona” of the ” 

In addition, recently, ‘Knowing your brother’ has been delightfully solving a variety of games ranging from ‘Talking to the entrance application’ centered on the talk and the long term of the guests to ‘Feeding time’ with the ‘Yaban’. Also in ‘Exit’, it is emphasized whether or not Kwon Suk-seok and Yoona, who are known to combine comedy with disaster escape action, will be able to demonstrate their witty sensibilities. 

‘Knowing Brother’ is broadcast every Saturday night at 9 o’clock. Cynthia and Yoona are planning to catch the radio this month. 

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