The bitter memories of ‘Infinite Challenge’, in which Gwang-hee and Jung Hyung-don had to divorce without a greeting reminded of ‘

Kwang Hee appeared as a guest on KBS2 ‘Rooftop room problem son’ broadcasted on the 8th.

Jung Hyung-don explained that he met with Gwang-hee “for the first time since joining the military.” Gwang-hee said, “I did not break up nicely with each other. Jung Hyung Don was worried about Gwang-hee’s lean appearance, but Gwang-hee said that he was maintaining a diet saying, “If you get fat, you are buried.” Jung Hyung-don showed his grudging friendship, saying, “You can just look at it.”

On this day, Gwanghee unveiled Jung Hyung-don’s complaints at the time of filming ‘Infinite Challenge’ in Germany. In the dry toilets, the shower ran out of the water in the room.

So Jung Hyungdon replied, “Because there are a lot of people who hate the body.” From the audience at the time of ‘Infinite Challenge’ funny as the culprit of the funny Kwang Hee showed the discomfort. “It’s true,” said Gwang-hee. “Like my child, I did not give it to me, and my mother insulted me,” he recalled. But Gwanghee showed his affection for “Jung Hyung-don was not cursed and gave me pocket money”.

Jung Hyung Don is a member of Yoon Jae-seok’s first year with his 10th anniversary, starring in the first “Reckless Challenge”. It was a key member of ‘Infinite Challenge’ from the time of the cheeky fat person, the funny function to the ‘Mizon dogo (crazy existence Kanghwa Donghangang)’. However, in November of 2015, when the broadcast was stopped due to anxiety disorder, it temporarily got off at ‘Infinite Challenge’ and officially got off on July 29, 2016.

However, he continued to keep in touch with PD and members of Kim Tae-ho, and also featured in “Wuhan Supreme Masterpiece” feature and Jong-yeon Yeon. The friendship continues, for example, by participating in the hand printing of the ‘Infinite Challenge’ members.

Gwang-hee joined the Infinite Challenge in May 2015 through the feature ‘Infinite Challenge: Six-Man Secret Member’. However, after joining the team in March of 2017, I was criticized by the fans for not having fun until I got off the military service. In March of 2018, the ‘Infinite Challenge’, which is in the service of the army, left the opportunity to recover the honor through returning to the end.

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