In MBC ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the 15th afternoon, Kwon Sang-woo revealed his own usage of hermit crabs. 

Kwon Sang-woo said, “I heard that Ryu Si-won had a hairdressing outfit alone. I did it on the stairs of heaven. Following the story of hermit crab. “At that time, the scene was filmed and the director applauded,” he said. 

“Well, I use that very well. My wife asks if I want to clean the bathroom. I send it when I forget it, and I spend it when I forget my appointment with my acquaintances.” It became. On the other hand, Jung Joon-ho also tried to reproduce the hermit crab at Kim Gura’s request. 

Kwon Sang-woo unveiled the story that fashion was pointed out to Son Tae-young during his love affair. “I like football and I’m good at it. In the old days I was wearing jeans and a football jersey on top.

Kim asked, “I also have a question about Mr. Jung Joon-ho. Junho’s 14kg black bag appeared. Junho’s explanation was followed by Kura’s words, “You should not explain every single thing in the box.” “This bag contains things that I can be comfortable in my house, 365 days a year,” MCs asked to reveal the goods inside, but Junho explained to the end, so Kim Kuk-jin said “No soon before tearing the bag. “I said. 

Hwang Woo-seulhye revealed the history of black history in the past as a rookie. “I never met people because I didn’t attend the dinner and got sick from the actors.” “And I didn’t smoke, so I ran around Apgujeong-dong with a suncap,” Kim said. “I think I’ve heard this story. Hwang Woo-seulhye jumps with a sun-cap in Apgujeong-dong.” “I couldn’t recognize it when I was stressed, so I didn’t recognize anyone, but I wore a suncap. But only the people who learned it got rumored.”

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