The shocking reversal was drawn on the TVN drama ‘Abyss (Directed by Yu Jae Won, drama Moon Soo Yeon)’ broadcasted on the 13th.  

On this day, Chinmin (Ahn Hyo-sup) said to Ko Se-yeon (Park Bo-young), “I know this person, I met you on the night of the murder.” Seonyeon first heard the fact, “Why do you say the important thing now,” he was shocked by the fact that Changmin saved the serial killer with Abyss. 

Seyeun hurried to leave for Oh Young-cheol. Seonyeon said, “I will check with my eyes that Oh Young-cheol and Park Ki-man are the ones who killed me really.” But Chinmin said, “Please wait here.” Oh Yeong-cheol said it was even more dangerous if it was a serial killer. 

Meanwhile, Dongchul and Seo Ji-wook arrived at Oh Young-cheol’s house, and he was unconscious when he shouted, “Yeong-cheol Oh”. Dong Cheol put on such an ambulance with Oh Young-cheol, and Se-Yeon and Cha-min arrived in the field. As soon as I saw Seonyeon Dongchul hugged happily, Chinmin asked who was on the ambulance, but Dongcheol closed his mouth. However, I guessed that if you put the person who made this Oh Young Cheol. 

As expected, Park ran away from the eyes of the detectives. Park Ji – man was surprised to receive the necklace that Oh Young – cheol handed 
to him. In the meantime, “I said I would kill you again.” Park Ki-man was attacked and Park Ki-man was shocked by the situation in which Oh Young-chul, who had killed his daughter in the past, attacked himself. 

Oh Yeong-cheol, who woke up again in the hospital, lied to the criminal Dongchul that Park Ki-man was attacking himself who was still a taxi driver. Park Giman led a stabbed body and ran away with difficulty. Dongchul did not realize that he was the father of Oh Yeong-chul, and Se-Yeon and Chin-min did not realize that he was O Young-chul. In the end, Oh Young-chul was naturally discharged by Dong-cheol. 

As expected, the people found Park. When Park Ki-man tried to die with blood, Chinmin said, “I will never die in front of me, even if you die, I will save him.” “I want to ask you one thing,”  
he asked. Park Ki-man, asking why, said, “I have to find the guy who killed Seon-yeon, so I can go back and find my girl again.” 

In the meantime, Oh Young – chul came home and headed to the underground warehouse. There was Jang Hee-jin, who was kidnapped and detained. 
Oh Young – chul showed his greatness as he approached Chul ‘s father, who was the father of.

Oh Yeong – chul has kidnapped a taxi driver and has just been kidnapped somewhere. At this time, Park Giman set up his consciousness and attacked Oh Young – chul again, but Oh Young – chul stabbed the knife out of his pants pocket. Seo Ji-wook spotted the scene, contact Dong Cheol, and Oh Yeong-chul fled the scene.  

Seo Ji-wook was desperate to track down Oh Yeong-cheol who ran away. When Young-cheol reached the dead end, Seo Ji-wook said, “Give up now.”

However, Oh Yeong-cheol turned his eyes again and Seo Ji-wook was amazed when he saw that he was the father of Oh Young-cheol. Oh Young-chul said, “Did not you know that I was not Oh Young-chul Abby, you can never catch Oh Young-cheol.” He said, “I know you better than anyone else. My blood flows to you.” 

On the other hand, ‘Abys’ is a reverse visual fantasy drama in which two men and women who resurrected as “reverse visuals” with 180 years of life through the Abyss “Soul Resurrection Ball” chase the killer who killed him. 

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