In the 25th and 26th sessions of the KBS2 drama “The Folks!” Broadcasted on the 13th night, the cheaters Yang Jung-kook (Choi Si Won), police Kim Mi Young (Lee Yu Young), daughter Dae- A comic romance crime drama was portrayed around Kim Ju-myung (Kim Sung-soo), Choi Pil-ju (Huh Jae Ho), Yang Si-cheol (Woo Hyun), Yang Mi-Jin (Park Kyung-hye), Han (Kim Si-woo)

On this day, Pakujae tried to take advantage of the fact that Yang Jung-kuk pressed Han Sang-jin and was elected as a member of parliament even though he was independent.

The latter says, “Do not do anything to go to the congress. Just breathe. In the office room. “

The latter said, “It’s a loan and I’m just going to stay until the bill is lifted. You’re not just a lawmaker, you’re a fraud. You are going to the National Assembly when you were a good citizen. ” He decided to use the government until his bill was passed, and the government had no choice but to accept it.

The government has decided to make a bill of citizens’ residence during the pledge. However, another National Assembly member who tried to use the country came up. Pakujaku, his weak point, adultery, spending money and talked about him untouched.

Among them, Yang Jung-kuk and Kim Mi-young cooperated to detect the fraud organization and succeeded in catching corrupt members of parliament. Eventually, six members of the alleged bribery committee announced their resignation.

The facts are all known, and the first-person lawmaker Yang Jung-kuk received the media attention. He is a fraudster, but his wife is in a contradictory situation that seizes the sale fraud situation.

Yang Jong-guk said to the media, “One thing I have to say for sure is that other senators did not know that they would be bribed.” Yang Jung-kook and Kim Mi-young had anger at the couple, and they could not resist the anger.

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