“Hi. 48 films (starring), age 45 years old. It’s been more than 20 years since I started filming, and it’s Lamilan who took the lead role. “

When the actor Lamy Ran ‘s greetings were over, applause burst out in the audience. It was at the premiere of the movie ‘Gulkaps’ (director Joda Won) for the first time in the press. It is the first time he has starred in the commercial film, which has been working side by side since crossing the screen and the cathode ray tube, after having made his debut in Chungmuro ​​with ‘Kind and the Kindness’ (2005).

Lamylan, who recently met at a cafe in Jongro-gu, Seoul, said, “It was too painful to take on the first character.” “I have no choice but to pay attention to the box office. I am worried about how much my ticket power will be … . I put it down now. It is imminent to open it, and it makes me feel more comfortable (laugh) “

The reason why ‘Gakpaks’ is more notable is because it is a rare female criminal buddy. The female actors digested the detective characters, which were considered to be all the actors of male actors, and the film was filled with freshness. Moreover, the intense acting performance of “Auntie” Lamirlan in his mid-40s is so impressive.

“I had no idea that I had to act suddenly. ‘Let’s show as much as we can.’ I wondered if I could feel my new movements (laughs). I had wrestling and boxing training for a month and a half before shooting. I was afraid I would get hurt early, but I found it strange pleasure. “

The film is a story of two female detectives who went on an unofficial investigation to solve a new drug sex offense in a club. It is a project planned four years ago, but the material is strikingly timely. It appears that the contents heard and heard in recent news such as sex crime using drug and secret camera shooting and dissemination seem to be assembled.

Lamiran said, “I was exposed to reports about crime during the late post-production period. ‘We’re talking about? “I think it’s a good thing that many people recognize this crime,” he said. “I do not know if synchro rate with reality is poisonous.

Miyoung, played by Lamiran in the play, was a legendary detective who was a big actress in a female criminal gangster. Now he faces the wall of reality such as marriage, childbirth, and childcare and works as a police officer. He accidentally meets a victim of digital sex crime, and he goes to the scene with his sister-in-law, Homicide detective Wisdom (Lee Sung-kyung).

Lamilan and Lee Sung-kyung, who star in the top of the top, bend the screen with a charismatic as well as male actor. Heavy punches or strong kick kicks opponent. Choi Soo-young of the Civil Servant Office, who has a hacker-killing skill, plays the role of a brain, and the comic ensemble of the three infuses the play with delightful vitality.

There is some public opinion about the casting and the contents and wearing sunglasses as a feminism movie. “It is not a film made with gender issues in mind in the first place,” Lamiran said. “There is nothing different from movies that are male-dominated,” he said.

I went to the theater stage at the age of thirty. I received a great deal of love because of the unique affection I showed in ‘Reply’ 1988 ‘(tvN · 2015). Now there are a few juniors who consider him a role model. Lamiran said, “I feel a sense of responsibility. I do not think the next person can work in a better environment. “

“I’ve become a much more popular person than I expected. Originally my dream was to act like it did not seem like a shadow. It ‘s easy to get hit by too much (laughs). It is still too much, and I think there will be more things to do in the future. “

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