In a word of Park, the singers reacted violently, and SNS overflowed with related comments. The press reported this in real time.

Park Kyung-kyung, who recently mentioned the top ranks in major music sites such as melon, became the main character of ‘Jajae’ overnight. The singers mentioned immediately took legal action against Park.

The small ball that Park Kyung shot went through the SBS ‘It Wants to Know’ and became a ‘Cannon Ball’. ‘It wants to know’ ignited suspicion of hoarding through the 4th broadcast. Each singer’s opinion, referred to as ‘the hoard’, is clear. The details are “even never stocked,” even though they differ slightly.

▲ “Viral marketing, every song target… not all successful”

Yoon Min-soo of Vibe, the eldest brother of Park Kyung’s sniper, immediately said, “I will prove the truth through the life of music.” Subsequently, he was accused of violating the Information and Communications Network Act, including defamation and timely defamation against Park. Vibe’s agency, Major Nine, called reporters on the 7th to hold a briefing session on alleged facts.

Major Nine released all of its advertising expenses such as Woody’s representative song ‘If the song comes out of the club’, ‘Haeun Joseph’s girlfriend’, and Vibe & Jang Hyejin’s ‘Problem is a problem’. . Each song cost about 20 million won. Major Nine stressed that none of these payments were for music hoarding.

At the meeting, Majorine released a ranking table for all the songs released after the company was founded in 2018. The rankings ranged from songs that were out of the charts after a lot of marketing costs, as well as songs that performed well on the charts without much marketing. Major Nine said that only about 30% of the songs were successful.

They explained that viral marketing through targeting has been a big help in public relations. “Having Facebook can be targeted in great detail. We create targeting data by analyzing it with big data,” Kim said. “We have our viral marketing know-how.”

▲ “Ballard popularity? Coin karaoke not hoarding”

Song Hae-ye, a representative of Song Ha-ye’s agency, who has risen to the top of the music chart with his news, is also responding to the controversy. Park is suing Park for defamation and timely defamation, and will also take legal action against the Democratic Party, which allegedly accused Song Ha-ye.

Lee said in a recent interview with Sporty News, “If I had really hoarded, I would have sued Park. I wouldn’t want to go quietly.” Chung Min-Dang’s offensive says, “Rather, it’s like noise viral marketing. The video that Jung Min-Dang released as evidence is asked by nearby IT experts, and it can be made by Song Ha-Ye as well as other singers in 10 minutes. “Isn’t it just a singer?”

“I’m really good at music, so I’ve been focusing on making OSTs. I’ve released dozens of OST songs even after the release of Song Hae Yee. Many famous singers also participated. There is no reason to stock up for it. ” “I’ve never met a person called” broker “,” he wrote.

The president’s analysis is that the background of the ballad songs, including ‘new news’ by Song Ha-ye, is popular on the music charts.

Lee said, “I’ve pulled the list directly from Geumyoung headquarters, and many of the top karaoke charts are ballads. As the number of coin karaoke grows, 1 or 2 people go to the coin karaoke and often call ‘ballads’. “There were no songs in the top 100,” he said.

He said, “To get top of the karaoke chart, I usually had to sing more than 5 million songs a month.” “ Your news ” was sung in karaoke more than 4 million times. I saw.

Afterwards, “People who have found a coin karaoke want to challenge ‘high-pitched ballad’, and ballads that use high-pitched sounds like a ‘official’ are well responsive on karaoke charts.” Mentioned the possibility.

Recently, a lot of songs have been produced that are intended to enter the karaoke chart. Unlike music charts that stay relatively short, ‘karaoke charts’ are often ‘loved’ for a long time.

Song Ha Ye also attracted attention by frequently making cover videos in karaoke. You can also watch the videos of YouTubers covering Song Ha Ye. Lee’s explanation is that there will be a youtuber video covering Song Haye’s songs, such as ‘You News’. It doesn’t even pay for youtubers who cover Songhaye songs.

In particular, regarding the suspicion of hoarding, he said, “If there is any such controversy, please criticize the producer. I’m worried about it. “

“Removing a real-time chart can also be one way. You can only have genre charts such as ballads, dances, and indie.”

▲ “Only singers are witch hunts for the contents of that egg”

Many officials were reluctant to comment after the ‘I want to know’ report. The intention is to solve the injustice by focusing on the legal response with Park and investigating the speculum. Even if he explained the doubts in his own way, he expressed the frustration of not believing.

Record producer A criticized the report “I want to know.” “The fact check wasn’t made and it was only broadcast on content that wasn’t responsible,” he said.

“If you’re confident about what they’re covering, don’t give them a report when you ask the police, but you can report them.” It’s like you can’t be held accountable. ” did. Recently, Newest’s misunderstanding due to the mistake of ‘I want to know’ was considered ‘fact check’ on the side of ‘I want to know’.

Another official said, “Someone said ‘I want to know’ but ‘doed it’, but he didn’t reveal his real name. ‘ I think the essential problem is a chart, and it seems that only the witch hunts of Amon singers are done. Now, no matter who explains it, I don’t believe it. ”

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