On June 5, JTBC “I ask you for a refrigerator” was featured as a “Husband Husband” feature, and Lee Bong Won and Lee Man Ki appeared as guests.

On the same day, MC Sungjoo Kim said, “Lee Bong-won planned to inform me of my wife, Park Mi-sun, and told me the day before.”

Lee Bong-won said, “I’m one of the bucket lists, the cliff tent. “I want to try something that no one else has done.”

Lee said, “If I have a bucket list, I do not inform my wife, Park Mi-sun, but I do it.” “I’ll talk about it a day or two before I leave my ticket.”

Lee said, “Why do you leave me alone?” And Lee Bong Won replied, “I talked about the Himalayan climb two days ago.”

So, MC Sung-joo said, “The person who is going to feel the thrill, but the other person will worry.” He said, “Is it spirit? I was worried that I would be hurt. “

Lee said, “At first, I was worried.

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