At the 7th episode of tvN Friday Drama ‘Cheap Chunlima Mart’ (played by Kim Sol-ji / directed Baek Seung-ryong), which was broadcasted on November 1, Jung Bok-dong (Kim Byung-chul) showed a new ramen product.

Moon Seok-gu (Lee Dong-hui) was surprised to see a ramen product that said ‘mother hates jjajangmyeon’ and ‘as if it was champon’. In the sensational phrase, Moon Seok-gu was immediately decided by Jung Bok-dong, but Jung Bok-dong said, “What is this problem?”

Eventually Moon Seok-gu agreed with Chung Bok-dong, but said, “I have to taste it.” Moon Seok-gu asked the secret to the ramen, which had a great taste, and Chung Bok-dong replied, “MSG”.

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