Lee Hye Sung announcer appeared as a guest on the special issue of ‘Announcer’ s Problem Son ‘of KBS2’ Happy Together 4 ‘broadcast on 16th. He is also an announcer in the KBS movie, and he showed off his unexpected conversation, starting with the Hollywood star Interview Behind. Especially, the monkeys were attracted to the audience with their artistic sense. After the broadcast, Lee Hye Sung received a hot interest in raising his name on the portal site’s real-time search term.

Lee Hye Sung announces in a telephone interview with Economy Star Today on the 17th, “Thank you for taking good care of me. Nothing much, thank you for your interest. Entertainment was the first appearance. I am ashamed and surprised because I am more interested in topics than I thought. The family keeps commenting and real-time search (real-time query) and sending it. “

Lee Hye-sung announcer also mentioned monkey imitation. He said, “I was surprised to see the family who imitated monkeys for the first time. I do not like it at home, “he said.” (At the time of recording) Yoo Jae-seok was so shocked and everyone was shocked. It was my first time in the morning room after I joined the company. I was more than 10kg steamed now. I was embarrassed that the video suddenly came out. Because it was the youngest, it was done with the thought that it should do it hard. I’m going to have a lot of milk going forward. “

Above all, Lee Hye-sung expressed his gratitude to the announcers who appeared together. On the same day, ‘Happy Together 4’ was broadcasted by an announcer Oh Young-sil and Han Seok-jun Choi Song Hyun and Oh Jung Yeon.

Lee Hye Sung announcer said, “I usually do not play with other entertainers in ‘hate’. I was burdened with my seniors. Oh Young-sik is a much higher senior year than I am, and I was worried about who I would become. However, everyone was so cute that I was able to finish the recording. “

Lee Hye Sung announcer also told me about the background of Jeon Hyun Moo. “I came in as a newcomer and did a lot of programming and mistakenly mistakenly made an internal settlement. So I wrote a transcript. There are a lot of things saved on our dedicated computer under the name Jeon Hyun Moo. It was helpful to change the name only, “he confessed.

“It’s really funny,” he said. Hollywood star interviews are also interesting, “he said.” If you have a chance, I’d like to interview Matt Damon. “

Lee Hye-sung said, “I would like to perform in the future if the opportunity comes. This was my first performance. I will use this as a starting point and I want to play like an entertainer’s dream. “

In the meantime, there was a special feature of the past announcer in ” Endless Classic ”. I also sang the closing song in ‘Haitu’, and I want to go up the stage of ‘Endless Love Song’. I’ve had vocal lessons and I love singing. I would like to see if there is an opportunity on the regular stage. “

Lee Hye-sung announcer is the youngest announcer who joined the KBS 43 public bond announcer in 2016. He is a brainseal announcer from Seoul National University and is currently working on KBS2 ‘Celebrity Relaying’ and ‘Song Who’s Who’.

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