On the afternoon of May 26, SBS Power FM ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ featured the movie ‘Again, Spring’, Lee Cheong A and Hong Jong Hyun.

The movie ‘Again, Spring’ (director Jung Yong-joo, distributor of iMBC, Smile Einstein, Production 26 Company) gets a second chance in life as the woman who lost her daughter makes a big decision and lives the day to day by day. Time rewind movie. It is about to be released in April.

I first met with Hong Jonghyun this time, but I found my previous works because of my appearance in the movie, I made a strong historical drama, it was the background of Koryo period, I also made earrings and smokey makeup in my eyes. I thought that my friend would go with that. ‘I liked it so well that I wanted to be’ charming when playing bad guys’. ”

“In the film, I felt that the charm of this friend had not yet begun.” In the film, it seems that the glittering charm comes out when it plays like a naive neighborhood youth Praised.

Hong Jong-hyun did not know how to praise him, “What have you written down?”, And Choi Hwa-jung said, “It does not seem to be a charm.”

Hong Jong-hyun said, “I am very familiar with the first impression of Lee Cheon-a, but I did not have such a thing for her sister, I was a better person than I thought. They said that they would shoot easily, but after they actually met, I felt so good.

In addition, Hong Jonghyun said, “My sister was very close to me because of her personality. She did not know anything about it.

“Again, Spring” is based on the original Webtoon, and Lee said, “I received a rating close to 10 in the original. I did not see the boss because he did not want to see the original, but our film seems to be lyrically colored. “He said.

The film, which had been lost for a week after having lost her daughter in the accident, saw a lot of scenes including funeral scenes, the day of watching the killer, and so on. I went to the hostel after finishing the filming, and the tears were poured like the character, “I’m finally here now, I thought I was going to go this way.”

Hong Jong-hyun was injured shoulder during shooting. He said, “I learned Judo for the movie.I learned hard, but I did my best because I did not have enough time.After practicing, I made it 2 days before shooting.I went to the scene because of the difficulty of changing the schedule, I took it, took medicine and filmed it. I was so sorry.

Lee said, “I was worried about Jonghyun that day, but I felt emotionally desperate. Hong Jonghyun said, “I have a painful scene and it was really painful.” Lee said, “I was sorry for hurting you, but I said, ‘Jonghyun is acting too good.'”

One listener asked, “Will it be fun to watch a movie with WebTon, or will it be fun to watch a movie?” Hong Jonghyun said, “It’s fun to watch movies with WebTone, and it will be interesting to see movies and webtoons. It’s fun to watch movies, see webtoons and watch movies again.”

Lee said, “It is originally a collection, but when people call, there is no time to stay at home, but there is a place to go, a house, a library, a movie theater, a book, He said.

Hong Jonghyun said, “My sister loves travel, reading, exhibitions and movies very much. I have a lot of hobbies to fill her.”

On this day, Hong Jong-hyun introduced the spider’s songs by demonstrating his ability to be a popular song ‘MC’ in the past.

After listening to the movie ‘The Temptation of the Wolves’, Lee said, “When I filmed ‘The Temptation of the Wolf’, I was 21 years old, so I knew that those who are younger are from childhood. The girls came to the school to see me. ‘Why are you here?’ I asked, “Actually I did not like my sister but I do not like it.” At that time, she had an anti-ante.

Lee said, “After the ‘Temptation of the Wolves’, I made works every one year, and I felt that popularity was bubble at that time. If I go back to that time, I think I’ll run into the water when I come in.”

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