Lee Joong-ok unveiled the story of the drama at the OCN weekend drama ‘Ten is Hell’ (played by Jung Yi-do / Director Lee Chang-hee) at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on October 8.

Lee Jung-ok played the role of sex offender Hong Nam-bok in Ko Si-won 313 in ‘The Other is Hell’, which ended on the 6th. With his uneven hair and increased running shirt fashion, he showed his strong presence from the first appearance, and he sculpted the character of Hong Nam-bok as tailor-made with detailed acting such as creepy eyes, sullen expressions, metabolism and unique unpleasant laughs.

In reality, it was a quiet ‘buzzer’, but in front of the camera, Hong Nam-bok itself was immersed in acting as high as immersive acting. During the drama shooting, I opened a personal SNS account with the help of actor Lee Hyun-wook. He was worried and worried about acting as if the character of Hong Nam-bok would give viewers an excessive disgust. He said, “Comments are comments and personally messages (DM, direct messages) have flown. I was embarrassed, but it seems like a compliment. “

The secretary of the shooting site was also released. Lee said, “It was hard to hold my room for more than 5 minutes. It was very closed and the photos were listed, so it was hard to stay for a long time. “There was nothing mentally difficult than I thought. I had so much fun. When I was filming, I didn’t have it at all. Rather, I was so happy to go with the actors. Is bright, ”he added.

Following the topic of the fight appeared in the last episode, “the god to strike the ankle (ankle anklets) was a fake, but it hurts,” he said. “I had a few scratches. I’m a natural friend. ”

Who was the actor who was willing to breathe the most on the scene? Lee Joong-ok said, “It was all the same. Anyone was a good fit.” “I was a friend. I responded well to my brother and seniors and led the field atmosphere well. Thank you in that respect.”

“If you’re a little harder like Lee Dong-wook. It’s hard to get close. It looks cold. He’s really hairy. He listens to me well. I also took care of my brother. My brother also took good care and thanked me. “” Hyunwook actor is a friend I knew since the play. May be similar, but I think it was. ”

When asked what he got from his work, he immediately answered, “People.”

Lee Jung-ok said, “I’m a man. It was a little short before I started. I had been thinking about how to shoot for 10 months if it was long for 10 episodes. I drank with Lee Dong-wook, I had to go out, but I got a jumper, I was so impressed, I thought I would remember my jumper, and I thought, ‘Brother’. Honestly, there may be some preconceived notions that Lee Dong-wook may be cold, but there is no such thing at all. I think it’s because I’m only two years old.

It may be a little unfamiliar face and name for viewers and audiences, but it’s 20 years since I started acting next year. He has built up his acting skills through theatrical activities, numerous plays and musical performances. He recently moved to the CRT and screens to make his name more widely known. Recently, he was cast as an OCN drama following Son The Guest, Watcher, and Other is Hell. He was also called the Man of OCN. It played a role as a new stealer.

Lee said about the role he would like to challenge in the future: “I only played the role of social misfit every time. I did it since the performance. Most of the roles I played were so worried about the image consumption. I recently thought that it would be better, so I asked the actor Lee Jung-eun, ‘Senior, I have a lot of similar roles and will I be consumed later as an actor?’ He was so good at listening to the story. “Yes, how can I do the same thing. I still think I can do better.” Regarding the advice given by Lee Jung-eun, “I said that I played my role as a mother for 10 years. But I also heard that ‘parasites’ come in and do other works, and how grateful it is to be an actor. It was a great help. ”

Lee Joong-ok is willing to visit viewers and audience as a performer. He said, “If I have a good role, I should definitely do it. I don’t know what role it will play. “I don’t know what kind of work will come in.”

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