It’s lovely to be born. The energy of the small body is enormous, and the freshness of the gap completes the image of ‘Intense Female Warrior,’ but Lee Jung-hyun (40) is famous for being adorable. Finally, she pours out her allure charms in her first romantic comedy.

While filming the movie ‘I’ll Do Twice (Director Park Yong-jib), I hoped to get married and even achieved a goal of getting married (?). From the first loco that we wanted so much to the actual marriage, it is the moment that has decorated a page that is more meaningful than ever. “Good luck,” Betsy smiles Lee Jung-hyun did not hide the happy heart.

The unique high tension proved Lee Jung-hyun’s identity at once, and the sweetness of the newlyweds was consistently spread in every word of Lee Jung-hyun. All the stories put on the tongues of the reporters to end with a marriage before marriage and husband. In the meantime, it is the time that all the talks about Lee Jung-hyun in the ‘Online Tapgol Park’ recently gathered.

※ Continued from interview ②. -All members of famous actresses such as Son Ye Jin and Gong Hyo Jin are considered as ‘Rocco Artisans’. “The kids gave me a lot of support. I also talk a lot about the usual work, but I also heard a lot of advice. I’m curious about the response to the film.”

-Have you been thirsty for image transformation? “Everyone like that, but I wanted to make a variety of characters. But I don’t think there are a lot of actors who get a variety of love calls. I think once you get an image. I was happy to see you.

-Are you quick to make the original appearance decision. “Let’s make all decisions quickly. Appearances and rejections. (Laughter) I read the scenarios quickly and I usually answer in a day or two.” Alice in the Faithful Country “took less than an hour. As soon as I read it, I told the company that the company said, ‘I’m a little embarrassed, and I’ll contact you after 6 hours.’ Do it! ‘ Ha ha ha. “
-How do you usually release stress? “I like cooking. I tend to relieve stress by cooking. I have a lot of food-related programs and movies, such as” Korean Table “,” Sumi’s Side Dishes “,” Three-three meals “and” Little Forest. ” Nothing is as happy as hammocking and chatting. It doesn’t mix well. “

-Is the original dexterity good? “No. But I have a lot of time alone at home, so this and that has increased. Healing, this material is so fun and amazing to have this taste. It is also good that you can concentrate as much as that moment. When I concentrated, I didn’t have bad ideas, so I think I need a hobby. “

-Online Topgol Park recently gathered the topic. “There was a day when I had to shoot the next film ‘The Peninsula’ and had to go up to Seoul after finishing the set shooting in Daejeon. It was time for the car to be blocked so I tried to go on KTX first by myself. The staff said, ‘Don’t go. I’m the first in online goal, so I can’t move alone.’ Haha.

-Did you watch it yourself? “I saw what was that?” It was really fun. You can see the singers who were active when they were young, and Kim Min-hee was doing MC there. (Laughter) My husband likes it. I’m a little embarrassed. I’m alone with my wings and I’m just an alien. I’m thinking ‘Why did I do that? I have a lot of passion.’

-Do you have an album plan? “I’m not completely retired from the music industry. I always think about it. If there is a good song, I plan to show it at any time.”

-The next work is a movie. “‘The Peninsula’ is just over filming. I’m going to take a break and plan my next plan. I want to continue to play various roles, and I want to show new images. The scene is good, the movie is good. It’s so precious. My husband likes movies too. He knows more than me.

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