Lee Kyung-gyu showed great pride in the production presentation of KBS 2TV’s new entertainment program ‘Shinsang Launching Story’ held at the International Conference Room of KBS New Building in Yeoue Park, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on the 25th.

Lee Kyung-gyu first introduced himself and said, “I’m Culinary Emperor Lee Kyung-gyu.” After that, “We tried hard to make foods that viewers loved about juniors and food.” “If it is released in a real convenience store, it is a perfect program where you can see the food that evening and meet it the next morning.” Showed pride in

In addition, when asked whether the actual convenience store food could have the same taste as the food made in the program, “It is a difficult part. It is also a dilemma whether the original taste will survive when it is commercialized.” Someone from the company participates as an evaluation team, and if you think that you can try it and produce it, you don’t have to worry because his thoughts are added to it. I think you can eat this. “

Lee Kyung-kyu hit the jackpot with ramen ‘koko-myeon’, which was made using chicken broth developed through KBS 2TV ‘Men’s Qualification’. We hope to see if we can reenact ‘Myths’ once again through ‘New Releases’.

On the other hand, “ Shinsang’s “ Gourmet Restaurant ” released a special menu of six people who are known for their taste in the entertainment industry. It is a new concept survival program that will be released at convenience stores nationwide the day after broadcasting. It is broadcasted at 9:45 pm on the 25th.

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