Mi Yeong recalls that she was the perfect man for her ex-boyfriend Jeon Young-rak. When the crew asked, “Why did you think you were a perfect man, why did you divorce?” Mi Yeong said, “Well … when we get divorced. Gambling, cheating, business failure, money problem … I think I can embrace everything if I love. I can not accept everything when it breaks, “he said.

Lee Mi-young then gave her two daughters to her husband, “It was too hard. It was so hard, at first my mom told me. She knew how hard it was to raise a child alone. So my mom told me not to hold the child in your hands. In fact, my mother raised her. I was not my mother, but my grandmother was a mother. “

Then, Mi-young said, “Such a mother said to the children (husband). When my mother asked me to give them children, how heartbreaking was it? My mother lived in my house and raised two kids. I was nervous when I cooked rice. My mother knows the nervousness. When my mother told me to give it to my children, my heart would go. However, it was said. So I gave it. “

Lee Mi-young also said, “So I have been drinking all day for a year and lived like a completely crazy person. When I get home, I turn on the TV and radio. The kids are coming home and the house is ringing. When a man lived, he was exhausted. The emptiness … I was born in the world, and I can not forget that emptiness … “I cried. 

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