In the 9th episode of the SBS gold drama “ Baga Bond (played by Jang Young-cheol Jung Kyung-soon / Directed In-sik) ” on October 18, Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi) and Gohae-ri (drain) were confronted with the NIS assassins.

On this day, Jung Kook-pyo (Baek Yoon-sik) read a speech to present to the people. However, Hong Soon-jo (Moon Sung-geun) asked to revise the speech written by Yoon Han-ki (Kim Min-jong). Yoon, Hong-ki, replied to Hong Soon-jo, who pointed out that the opposition opposing the budget should be intimidated rather than persuaded. “The budget will pass, why is there any reason to provoke the people?”

Ki Tae-woong (Shin Sung-rock) saved the wounded Kim Woo-ki (Jang Hyuk-jin) as an emergency operation. However, Kim Woo-ki caused seizures due to excessive bleeding, and Cha Dal-Gun made his own life to save his life.

Jessica Lee decided to kill Kim Woo-ki at the end of the meeting with Min Jae-sik and Jung Sang-mi instead. Jessica Lee (Moon Jung-hee), who visited Oh Sang-mi, said, “Why don’t people have one mouth and two ears? It means to be careful and to listen carefully. ” Eventually Oh Sang-mi voluntarily went to the police station to surrender.

Not knowing that Kang Joo-cheol had been betrayed, Ki Tae-woong sensed that at least 30 terrorists were waiting outside and once again asked the National Intelligence Service for assistance. Ahn Ki-dong (Kim Jong-soo) said, “It’s going to start soon, so stay two days.” After Min Jae-sik, he made plans to attack other agents with other agents.

Min Jae-sik planned to appease other NIS employees except Kang Joo-chul to drive him for the National Security Law. Gong Hwa-sook (Hwang Bo-ra) returned to work under the direction of Min Jae-sik, but it was under the direction of Kang. “I cooperate with them whatever they want. That will save Ki Tae-woong and Ko-Ha-ri. ”

Oh Sang-mi (Kang Kyung-heon) held a press conference and revealed that Kim Woo-gi was alive and that the plane crashed. Sang-mi Oh said, “It was dynamic, not John Nmark, that bought the terror. Dynamic decided to give me 10 billion dollars in return for false testimony that I received four weeks from John N. Mark. I will be duly investigated and all truth will be hidden in court. ”

Jessica Lee confronted Edward Park. Jessica Park, with a stately attitude, said, Edward Park said, “I’m going to do a full battle. It’s been a while. “What kind of opponent did you face?” Warned her.

Received by Kang Ju-cheol, Gong-sook told the current situation at the secret base used by Kang Ju-cheol and Ki Tae-woong. Meanwhile, the Korean Embassy in Morocco arrived with a support team under the direction of Min Jae-sik. At that time, Ki Tae-woong learned that he was an assassin from a secret base and was contemplating between the nation’s orders and conscience.

Cha-Dal-Gun and Go-Ha-Ri saw suspicion of a silencer on the support team’s firearms and began to doubt their identity. At the request of Cha Dal Gun, Ko Woo-ri, who was trying to escape from Kim Woo-gi, was called by Park’s secretary. The secretary said, “Start with the phone timer and avoid it right away. According to me, you are all dead now. ”

At that time, Cha Dal Gun was in danger due to the support team. Then Kohari appeared, and the two began confronting their lives with the support team. And Ki Tae-woong said, “We are not people who decide, but people who follow directions. It is a command of the state. ” 

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