On the 11th, KBS Radio Cool FM ‘Jung Eun-ji’s Gayo Square’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Gayo Square’) appeared as a guest. He informed the listeners of the Music Plaza in line with DJ Jung Eun-ji’s progress.

Jung Eun-ji and Lee Si-eon, who breathed as a high school alumni in the popular TVN drama ‘Reply 1997’, which was broadcast in 2012. After seven years, the two of them met at the ‘K-pop plaza’. 

In particular, Lee Si-eon and Jung Eun-ji were born in Busan and played a dialect in the play. Jung Eun-ji “We usually talk in dialect. We just spoke in dialect when we go out. We use dialect when we call.”

It was still strong, but the presence of Yissian changed seven years ago. Recently, the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’ (hereafter called Nahonsan) ‘has become so popular that it has been released to overseas fan meetings held in Japan. 

“I’ve had more fans than ever before. I’m grateful for the burden,” he said. “I was wondering if I was able to gather them and say hello in front of them.” 

He also said, “I didn’t cry at the fan meeting. I thought I’d be happy to say goodbye, but I cried a few times in the middle. I was surprised for the first time.” 

Jung Eun-ji, who works as an A-Pink and has been communicating with fans for a long time, emphasized, “After a while, that’s a bit more embarrassing. I’m like that.

‘Nahonsan’ played a big role in creating the present Isis. This is because she built her friendliness by showing her face in ‘Nahonsan’. “I’m very grateful to me,” said Lee Si-eon. “It’s a program that made me what I am.” 

In particular, he said, “Our members are very friendly and like family members. We often see them separately. But people thought they weren’t friendly. There were a lot of comments that they weren’t friendly. They fought. Of course, Gian 84 and Henry. Was a real fight, but I never did. I’m ashamed to express my affection, but I love Gian 84, so don’t get me wrong. “

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