Lee Su-geun, an entertainer to convey fresh smiles, continues to change. She is more familiar and comfortable, and has a brilliant presence as a ‘all-round entertainer’ of Lee Soo-geun who is constantly challenging the fresh and different laughs. 

Lee Soo-geun, Kim Dong-hyun, Hwang Jae-seong, Yong-jin Lee, Jin-ho Lee, Lee Kyung Lee, Jung Hyuk Park, Shim Woo-kyung PD and Nam Kyung Mo PD participated in the production presentation of XtvN new entertainment ‘player’ held at Grand Ballroom of Sangam Stanford Hotel Seoul. 

‘Player’ is a program that must solve certain missions and survive laughter traps in the changing places and situations every week. Lee Soo-geun, Kim Dong-hyun, Hwang Jae-seong, Lee Jin-hyun, Lee Jin-hee Lee Lee, and Jeonghyeop become ‘players’ who play laugh in the unpredictable unexpected situation controlled by laughter. If you can not escape the laugh trap and laugh, you will be penalized with a certain amount. Kim Dong-hyun said, “I did not know that the actual fee would be reduced. I was shocked. It’s a terrible pro, “he laughed. 

The concept of the reverse idea concept that the entertainers living in laughter should endure laughter attracts attention. It is expected that the members who are struggling to endure a hard laugh are laughing. “I talk to the friendly comedians about their ideas and they say that they are going to give a laugh in order to pay the price of alcohol these days. It was funny enough to endure 10 seconds with the production crew. I planned it on how it would be treated as TV content, “he said. 

Lee Su – Geun “It ‘s the habit of giving laughter to someone, but it’ s the first time I have seen laughter when I see someone else ‘s behavior. It was hard to tolerate someone who made fun of them. My friends are worried about laughter. ” Regarding the deducted fee, Nam Kyung Mo PD said, “3 million won was collected at the first shooting. It was used to make a comfortable shooting environment. He has called the coffee tea in the name of the actor who has the most stake in money, and he uses it in special equipment and casting costs. ” 

Above all, Lee Su-geun’s performance is outstanding. Lee Su-geun, who is loved by his unique witty speech and comfortable image, is currently busy with more than 10 performances programs. In addition to JTBC ‘Ai Brother’, TVN ‘Kang Restaurant’ series, which is already loved by many people, MBN ‘Modern Family’, tvN ‘Bamboo Life of Hoguks’, Channel A’ Good People ‘KBS Joy’ We are trying to convey fresh smiles through various programs and formats such as’ My Brothers in Love ‘,’ JTBC ‘Cram Cock’, and KBS2 ‘Som Bibimbul 1 + 1’. 

‘Player’ is the tenth program he is currently appearing on. “It’s been a long time since the comedian program has become a mainstream comedy program, except for authentic comedy pros,” said Lee Su-geun, a lucky guy. “I am worried about being organized on a competitive Sunday performance, but I’m sure I can laugh more than I can. “He said. When asked why he continues to challenge the new format arts, he said, “If you can find me more than a challenge, I will go.” Lee Soo-geun, a nurse, said, “I enjoy a lot of fun and I have only one goal. I am always trying to give a lot of natural smiles to viewers with comedian Lee Soo Keun. ” 

“I do not know what you think, but I basically hear good words and good words,” he laughs. “I know the scenario quickly and make a quick judgment on the whole situation. It is also in the mid-forties, but it feels like the youngest in any group. I think that it means that synergy can come out in comfort though it may mean that it is easy to do with how much you say “I am comfortable with my brother”. I think this is an invisible advantage. ” 

Recently, the emperor Hwang Jae-seong, Lee Jin-ho, Lee Ji-jin, and the newborn Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Kyung-kyung, and Jeonghyeok also show up. “I wanted to laugh as a modeler, but it is an honor to enter into this kind of entertainment. I wanted to be a comedian and I am happy to have the opportunity to give a smile to others and to get happiness of the person. I am ready to break down at any time. ” 

Among the entertainers, the presence of actor Lee Lee is remarkable. Lee Kyung-eun said, “I have little experience in performing arts, but apart from me, my brothers were delighted just to be with someone who was worried to make someone happy. I was surprised at the scale of the set, which is more than any movie or drama set, “he said.” It is an art that feels more attached than a tolerable work. ” When asked whether there was a sense of burden as an actor, he said, “I think it is a blessing to meet such people. Rather, I get confidence while getting a shot and I get some acting help. “The player is always happy to go to work,” he replied, “I think I can enjoy myself selected entertainment. I am happy without regret of 1 “. 

Finally, Sim PD is a guest who wants to be involved in the film. He chose the movie ‘Lion’, Park Sung Joon, An Sung Ki, Udo Fang and Ryu Joon Yeol, Yu Hae Jin and Cho Woo Jin. Shim PD said, “Please take a phone call. The performances are gathered by the performers, “he said. 

The paradoxical variety ‘player’ who has to endure laughter is broadcasted at 6:15 pm on the 14th. 

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