In tvN’s new Friday drama ‘Cheap Cheon-ri Mart’, Lee Soon-jae played Kim Dae-ma, chairman of the unknown hemp group who left Chung Bok-dong (Kim Byung-chul). I’m curious about the reason why I chose ‘Cheap Chun-Mar-Mart’ because it is an actor who has given viewers laughter, tears, joy, and emotion in numerous works. “The original was loved by many people, I thought it would be a very good work if it was made into a drama,” he said. “I wanted to deliver a good message to viewers with rich content.” 

Above all, “Dae Kim Kim’s weight in the comic atmosphere gives me weight. I wanted to help you become a drama that is never light. ” About the character “It is a self-made character who has made the hemp group a big company by working hard in everything. The hemp group is full of affection and never takes lightly the position of president. ” The extraordinary things happening at Chun-Mari Mart gave viewers a refreshing laugh, but they also hoped that the viewers would think of a warm message that “even a failed life can be a hero to someone.” 

Chongma Mart’s head office, Daema Group, is a place where Kwon Mo Su-soo is busy, as the poster says, “The poor can’t survive.” Like Kwon Young-gu (Park Ho-san), there are a lot of people who are fooling around with the words. So, Lee Soon-jae chose Jung Bok-dong as a person who wanted to be with him. “I know how to talk directly to myself.” Then why did President Kim Dae-ma move him to Chun Ma Mart? The reason is even more curious. 

Lastly, Lee Soon-jae cited ‘new’ as a charm of ‘cheap’. “I think that it is the first part of the drama that was created on the theme of Mart,” he said. “Everything that happens in Cheonri Mart is new and attractive.” “All the actors are doing their best to make the work. It’s my first broadcast on September 20, and I hope you enjoy watching it. ”

‘Cheap Chonma Mart Mart’ is a private comic comic drama drama created by the elite manager who wants to regenerate the high-quality, unrelenting pyeongri Chong Mart Mart, who is the official deportation center of the Dama Group, and the owner of Human Bulldozer who wants to eat Mart. The original story is a remarkable story led by a variety of characters. It is a webtoon of the same name by Kim Kyu-sam, who has been loved by both young and old by setting a phenomenal record of 1.1 billion views. Director Baek Seung-ryong, who has created unique works through various entertainments and dramas such as Surplus Princess, Actor School, SNL Korea, and Young Ae-san, was directed. It will be aired on tvN on Friday, September 20 at 11pm.

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