Mi-young (Lamiran) sister-in-law, who was pushed from the comedy action film ‘Gap Cops’ He met with Sports Chosun in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of 8th, and told the episode of “Behind Caps” episode and the latest.

It is a nuclear spear that gets bogged down through a realistic investigation with a cool action, a thrilling pleasure added to the sexually transmitted digital sex crime incident in society. In the recent entertainment world, “Gyak-pus”, which puts on the front of the female crime material that reminds of the shooting and spreading of the impulsive characters such as victory, Jung Jun-young, etc. which caused great shock and mutuality, conveys the catharsis of the audience who is seen as solid material and exciting ending .

Especially, ‘Gapcaps’ is a model from the SBS drama’ It’s okay, I’m in love ‘. Since then, TVN’ Cheese in the Trap ‘, SBS’ Doctors’, MBC ‘ Director), and other villains that can not be hated, to a fresh and loving role, and attracts attention as the star of Lee Sung-kyung’s first commercial film, When he saw injustice in the play, he fired a criminal ‘s criminal character who first went out with his fist. He showed a charm that was totally different from the previous one with his hot and rough acting and action.

Lee Sung-kyung, who is about to open his first video, said, “I have not slept so lately, I can not sleep enough to go to sleep. I do not know what I’m worrying about and I can only think of a movie because it’s like the first movie and the smoke test stand. It feels like a burden to enjoy it. “

Lee Sung-kyun said, “The reason why we chose Gulacops as our first feature was because we enjoyed the pleasant story of Gulacops, and there were some laughs and problems that we did not recognize in society. “I can imagine the content of this movie just because Myran is doing it, and having the ability to work with Myran has had the greatest impact on my choice of work,” he said. I am a fan of you, I am a fan of yours, and I am not a favorable star to other people as well as me. “The energy of Mr. Lamiran is also very good and the balance of Miran is very good. I was supposed to be a junior who had to partner with my senior and have to breathe in close-up, so I had a lot of thoughts and worries about doing well. I am going to tell Myran, ‘Can I do well without crossing the line?’ I was careful, but Myran came up first, because it was a combination of water, so I do not care about each other’s breathing, but it was burdensome but I tried to work hard.

Above all, Lee Sung Kyung gave Lamyran extraordinary gratitude. He said, “It was a time when I had a lot of troubles while I was in the drama for the first time, and I wondered when it was” I’m okay, I’m in love “that I challenged my first performance. I want to be like that, but at the end of the day, he helped me a lot. “

Lee Sung-kyung recently expressed his own beliefs about the issue and controversy surrounding ‘Gulacops’. First of all, I talked about the opening time of the film in conjunction with the victory and Jung Jun-young case, “I had a lot of stories with the actors and the staff while shooting the film. I thought that I would like to be able to see the movie as well, “said Burning Sun, and the opening of our movie. I hope that all of us will be interested in it, and I hope that it will be a good opportunity through the movie. I also knew that there were such problems in the past. I became aware of it, and I looked into it once more. “He said carefully his thoughts.

In addition, about the feminist controversy, “I think that I am interested in all the scenes in the movie because I have a socially feminist issue, and I would like to enjoy it as a whole rather than a clear message. I do not think it’s going to be such an issue, but of course I could not even imagine when it was filmed, so I actually enjoyed playing this scenario and I did not see it as I felt the femme issue. I was surprised that it was an issue in the other part before the opening, but I just want to have a good influence now. “

Lee Sung-kyung said, “It seems to me that the people who have watched the movie applauded and cheered me a lot more, but in fact, it was before the movie was released. I would like to have you. “

‘Gulkaps’ is an unofficial investigation of Crushy Combi’s unified investigation to uncover the case of a digital sex crime that was uploaded after 48 hours and the police even gave up. Lamy Ran, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Sang Hyun, Choi Soo Young, Hye Hyeon Lee, and Ha Yoon Joon add to the director’s first full-length commercial film. It will be released on the 9th.

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