“You need to know what you are learning. I think I should. “

I asked actor Lee Sung-min for ‘qualification of actor’ and a meaningful answer came back. When I was twenty years old, I had the premise that it was my own subject to understand ‘identity’.

“Someone told me, ‘Have you ever seen you,’ but I have nothing to say except ‘Yes?’ It was strange. I wonder what that means. From that point on, that question has been my concern. One thing I realized a long time in the theater was that the actor ‘s job was to get to know me. That’s why you need to know the subject. I have my own hardware, such as voice and face, and the role is decided once, and the environment, emotion, emotion, and wisdom that I have lived here is added.

Lee Sung-min recently talked about the process of overcoming the limitations of characters with the film “Beast” in interviews with sports trends, and the frank confession that he was awkward with Yoo Jae-myeong, Choi Daniel and respected actor actor.

■ “<Beast> The character was not confident, it was hard”

The subject of the topic grasp was in contact with the worry that he felt when he took the role of “Han Su” in “Beast”.

“As I knew myself, I was avoiding the confident part. In that respect, <Beast> was very difficult. I do not know how much the audience will accept, but I do not know why the audience will not accept it.

The stress of “Hansu”, which is always angry, has been reported to him.

“I had to express the number of hitting and annoying people, so energy consumption was great. I was always exhausted from the field, and I did not like going out to work every morning. haha. It’s a character that can not be played brightly or smile. “

It was Jae Jae Myung and Choi Daniel who gave me strength. The meeting with Yoo Jae-myeong, who wanted to work together once, was a positive stimulus for him.

“When I watched a lot of dramas, it was like ‘Spectrum Wide Actor’. I was curious because I had a similar color. I can only remember good things with Jae Jong while doing this work. Actually, I suppose that ‘jumping’ was right. It was very exciting. Also, because he is an intellectual person, he has a high interpreting ability. I was so weak, and when I heard a difficult word at the press conference, I passed my microphone to Yoo Jae-myeong. “

It was my first meeting with Choi Daniel. However, I remembered that he was close to me because of the nervousness of Choi Daniel.

“It was just a friend. I am the actor who I went to the most with the scene, and I could breathe when I was with him. I was a joke because I was joking from the first time I met him. It was like a sibling in my neighborhood so I got closer. “

■ “Smoke of luxury? I did not do a great act. “

He won the Best Actor Award in the movie category for <Duke> at this year ‘ The expression “luxury act” is officially recognized.

“Ahh, not that much. I did not have a great performance, but I’m rather embarrassed to hear that. Nevertheless, you should endure and do better. However, thanks to the trophy, it is clear that self-esteem has been wiped out as an actor. After returning to the memories of visiting the theater for the first time as an actor, I felt like I did what I had dreamed of then. “

Are there any opponents who might feel competitively acting? Then he hit his hands.

“I do not like to play with the competition. Because acting is harmonious. I hate the word “fighting”. There is no competition in the field, even though there are some colleagues who stimulate me in a different sense of goodwill. “

Finally, he asked what kind of person he really sees. Then I made a funny explanation.

“I was a man with a lot of words and a lot of people. He was a man with no words. But I do not have a word, so people around me are gathering and getting married to one of them. When I was living that way, I was chatting with my close friends. haha. ‘I think human being is such an ordinary person.’

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