Since 2001, MBC has been the target of women for 17 years. Lee Young-ja has won the second prize in the year following KBS Entertainment Awards. MBC’s popular performances proved to be the 8th and 9th awards at the awards ceremony, which is the time of “all-out” and “I live alone”.

On the afternoon of the 29th, ‘2018 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Grand Prize’ ceremony was held at the new building of MBC in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Hyun-moo, Hyun-ri, and Hyerri came out as the hosts.

The main character of the target was Lee Youngja. Candidates Jeon Hyun-moo, Kim Guura, Park Na-rae and Lee Young-ja were nominated for the ‘2018 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Grand Prize’.

Lee Young-ja, who won the grand prize, appeared in the “All-Time Shooting” (MBC), which started broadcasting in March of this year. Manager Song Seong-ho and Lee Chae-keum made a big smile with ‘Young-child-style irony’ and made a popular list of restaurants in Seoul as well as favorite menus in national resting places. ‘ASMR taste expression’ to stimulate the salivary glands also caused the topic.

Lee Young-ja said, “Even when I ride a rookie, I am so shaken that I do not shake the same thing.” “I invite my name on the subject and I thought that it was not over until the end of my life. I was tearful.

“We knew that 70 people were involved in creating a ‘program for the’ time to go ‘, and we thought we should do better.” Thank you very much for sending us to our precious treasure. I asked the manager of Song Seongho, “What is the manager’s goal, and he said that he felt the pleasure of life when the performer who cares for him was awarded.” Song Seo-ho is the best manager for me. ”

Lee also said, “I have eaten to eat, I will concentrate on where I need to love, I will be a better gag woman, thank you and I love you.”

In the ‘2018 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Grand Prize’, ‘I live alone’ won the prize of the entertainment program of the year. As candidates, ‘I live alone’, ‘Radio Star’, ‘Masked King’ and ‘ He won the Variety Award for Best Male Award (Gion 84), Variety for Best Male Prize (Ishihara), and Best Variety Prize for Best Variety (Sung Hoon) ), Variety Women’s Grand Prize (Han Hye-jin), and the Entertainment Program of the Year.

The Best Entrepreneur Award in the Variety category, “The Best Time to Obey the World” (Entertainment Young Artist, Jeon Hyun Moo), Artist of the Year (Yeon Hyun), Best Couple (Park Sung Kwang – (Yoo Byeongjae), Variety Men’s Excellence Prize (Park Sung-kwang), Variety Women’s Best Woman Award (Song Ei) and Grand Prize (Lee Youngja).

The Best of Variety Award was won by Song Eun of “All Time”, Song Hye Jin of “I Live Alone”, Song Eun of “All Time”, Cha In-pyo of “Hwang-Hwa Husband” and Ishian of “I Live Alone”. The Music / Talk Grand Prize was awarded to Yoon Jong Shin of Radio Star.

Variety Excellence Prize was nominated by Park Sung-kwang of Kim Jae-hwa of ‘Genuine Mania 300’ and ‘Gana 84’ of ‘I live alone’, and Kim Tae-hyun of Radio Star and Kim So Hyun of Under Nine. The Best Couple Award was won by Park Sung-kwang-Man-gon manager of ‘

◆ Next is the 2018 MBC Broadcasting Grand Prize winner (small)

▶ Target: Lee Youngja

▶ Award of the Arts Program of the Year:

▶ Variety Men and Women Grand Prize: Han Hye Jin (‘I live alone’), Song Eun Lee (‘all-in-one’),

▶ Best in Music / Talk category: Jong Shin Shin (‘Radio Star’)

▶ Excellence Prize in Variety: Kim Jae-hwa (‘True Mana 300’), Park Sung-kwang (‘

▶ Excellence Prize in Music & Talk: Chae Tae Hyun (‘Radio Star’), Kim So Hyun (‘Under Ninth’)

▶ Variety Best Entrepreneur Award: Sung-hoon (‘I live alone’), Yoo Byeong-jae (‘

▶ Music · Talk Best Entrepreneur Award: Lee Sang-min (‘Sections TV Entertainment Communication’ ‘Cafeteria – Surplus Company’)

▶ Sitcom Best Entrepreneur Award: Shin Dong Wook and Kwon Yulrye (‘Dae Jang Geum is watching’)

▶ Popularity: Song Seong-ho manager, Yoo Kyu-sun manager, Song-won manager, Kang Hyun-suk manager (‘

▶ Best Teamwork Award: ‘The Night –

▶ Best Couple Award: ‘When to take a nap’ Park Sung-kwang –

▶ MC Prize: Kim Sung-ju (‘Night – Masked Wang’)

▶ Special Prize: ‘Come and Korea is the first time?’

▶ PD Award of the Year: ‘Real Man 300’

▶ Writer’s Prize of the Year: Yeo Hyun Jeon

▶ This year’s entertainment impressions: Lee Young-ja (‘All-in-One’), Kim Guura (‘Radio Star’, ‘Beyond the Line’, ‘Talk Nomad’ I live alone ” The point of an all-out attempt ” Q ‘

▶ Best in Radio: Kim Shin-young (‘Noon’s Hope Song is Kim Shin-young’)

▶ Radio Excellence Prize: Jung Sun-hee (‘Jung Sun-hee, Mooncheon-sik’s Radio Age’), Kim Jae-dong (‘Good Morning FM Kim Jae-dong’)

▶ Radio New Artist Award: Choi Wook · An Young Mi (‘An Young Mi, Woo Woo Ehe Radio’), Highlight Yang Yo-Sup (‘Yang Yo-Sup’s Dream Radio’

▶ Variety: Mamma Matsumasa (‘I live alone’), Gamst (‘Serious Manai 300’), Warner One River Daniel (‘Outside the bed is dangerous’)


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