KBS 2TV daily drama ‘Left-handed Wife’ (directed by Kim Myung-wook, Moon Moon Eun) on the 31st broadcasted the final appearance of the Ora group.

Kim Nam-joon (Jin Tae-hyeon) found in the Park Sun-tae (Kim Byung-ki) villa that there was evidence that Oh had attempted murder. Park Soon-tae died, but Park Soon-tae appeared at the shareholders’ meeting. At the general shareholders’ meeting, evidence of Kim Nam-jun’s findings was reproduced. Oh quickly escaped, but he was arrested for murder and kidnapping.

Park Soon-tae said, “I will step down from the chairmanship, and President-elect Park Seo-ho (Kim Jin-woo) will do his best.” Park Chung-chul also said, “I agree with the president’s intention.” Park Soo-ho, chairman of the Aura Group, Park Soo-ho became the chairman of the Aura Group.

Kim Nam-joon, who has lost his energy due to surgery, told Joe Ala (Lee Seung-yeon), “I have a wish. Kim Nam-joon said, “When I was a kid, I wanted to see you once when my father gave me a snowboard, and I wanted to go there with my mother, my father. Kim Nam-joon said, “I have never had a rest since I became an adult. I will be born as a butterfly when I am born again.” I cried for the love and I apologized to Kim.

At that time, Chen dynasty came up. Chen tried to attack Kim Nam – joon, and Joe Ala stood up. Jae-ae was knocked down on his head. Kim was also struck by Chen’s strikes. Bong Sun Moon (Ishihu) reported 119. Kim Nam – joon and Cho Ae have entered emergency surgery.

One year later, Joe Ahn disappeared with his ashes. Oh Chang-soo (Gangnam-gil) recovered his eyesight with a corneal donor. The corneal donor was Kim Nam-joon. Park Soo-ho has deepened his love for Oshan (Lee Soo-kyung). Park Soo-ho sought Jo Ala. Joea lived as a nursery director.

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