Kim Jin-woo was shocked by the truth about killing her mother and the appearance of Lee Soo-kyung, who became the wife of another man.

Park Sue-ho (Kim Jin-woo) suffered in KBS 2TV daily drama “Left-handed wife” (Moon Myung-

Park Soo-ho’s father was taken by Kim Nam-jun (Jin Tae-hyun). Park went to the house of Kim Nam-joon and made a punch. Park Soo-ho went into the house and found a caveat (Lee Soo-ho). Park Soo-ho was angry and said he would arrest Oh Young and Kim in the police. Park tried to take O, but he was blocked by Kim.

Park said, “My wife, my family.” Park Soo-ho said, “You are a threat, are you being threatened by Kim Nam-joon? Is that so? If not, a year ago, you lost someone in an accident. I did not find the two bodies and I thought we were dead, but both of them showed up in front of me.

I have been in America for fifteen years, I am your wife, blood rises upside down, do not insult my husband twice, do not insult my husband, and I have to prove to you It is unpleasant. ” Park picked up Kim Nam-joon and punched him. Oh said, “What are you doing to your business partner, Kim Nam-joon, Gold Asset president?”

Park Soo-ho said he would destroy the contract immediately. Kim Nam-joon threatened, “The penalty is three times, but now I can pay for it in the aura finance.” “I did not know that Park was an imprudent person. Park Soo-ho poured out anger on Kim Nam-joon. Oh Hae-young, Kim Nam-jun, was convicted of being convicted of the incident a year ago.

Kim Nam – joon visited Jo Ala. Kim hugged Joa Ala and said “mother”. “I thought you were right, I did not believe you were dead, but I thought it would be hard to get out of the sea, but what happened?” Kim Nam – joon said, “Oh Ha – yeong helped me. Kim said, “I was listening to my mother through Ha Yeong, and I needed time to prepare.” “I think I will announce that my son is a murderer,” Park said. Kim Nam-jun was dry.

At this time, Park Chung-chul came in and shouted to Kim Nam-joon and Jo Ala. Jae-ae said, “I think your brother is a criminal.” Park said, “I will tell you everything. It was me, not your brother, who killed your wife.” “I do not care if it is the first son or second son of Park, but I will do it today,” he warned.

Park heard all the conversation. Park asked me, “Is it true that my little father killed my mother?” Park said, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” Park asked me again, “Why did you kill my mother?” Park said, “It was an accident. Park Soo-ho asked, “Why did I keep silent while my father was being murdered?” “I did not know you were alive,” Park said. Park Soo-ho was angry at “how much I trusted and relied on my little father, can you do this to me and my parents?” Park kicked his knees and begged.

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