On the 5th KBS2 new monthly drama “Let’s sing your song”, Hong-yong (Kim Se-jung) was depicted as sleeping because of the tuning call of Chang Yoon.

On this day, Hongyoung jumped to the Han River as the orchestra member Jeon Seon-mi entered the Han River to earn a penny more. Hongyoung, who went to a convenience store while his body was wet, wanted to buy surprised umbrellas and food for the heavy rain.

However, money was not enough to buy an umbrella, and Hong – yong counted only food, except for umbrellas. Jang-yoon, who saw this, said, “There was a lot of fine dust today.” Hong-yong refused, “I appreciate it, but I do not get it from anyone I do not know.”

Hongyoung, who was returning to Changyun with his umbrella on the road, was in a crisis to hit the car. Chang-yoon rescued Hong Yi-young, who was standing still, and asked if she was okay. Hong Yi-young, who had a terrible scene with someone wielding a sword, was seized with a seizure.

The next day, Hongyeong opened his eyes at the hospital. For a short time, Hong-yong participated in the audition for the orchestra Timpanist. Hong Yi-young encouraged himself, “Today I am chosen.” Hong Yi-young started playing behind the screen that was set up for fair judging.

The conductor Nam Ju-wan, who was in charge of the screening, listened to the performance. At this time, Hong Yi-young fell seriously because he missed Timpani Mallet. Hong-yeong and Nam-jwan with facial expression laughed at how “the performer missed Mullet.” Hong Yi-young, who spilled even a nosebleed, left the place in a hurry.

Hongyoung, who could not sleep all night, contacted his younger brother, but he was silent. Hong Lee went to a convenience store and ate ramen, where he met Jang Yoon again. Chang-yoon, who was nervous to Hong-yong, introduced himself as a chief of charge and suggested, “When you do not sleep, you can do something like an evening call.”

Hongyoung warned his younger brother, “Do you want to believe it?” Chang-yoon insisted, “I am not a suspicious person,” but he made a meaningful look behind Hong-yong and wondered about his identity. After that, Hong-yeong went to a group of alumni and was proud of his boyfriend, saying, “It is cute”.

At that time, Hong Ji-young’s boyfriend Moon Jae-hyung came up with an affair with violinist Ha Eun-ju (Park Ji-yeon). Hong Yi-young, drunk and drunk in front of a pork belly house with memories of his boyfriend. Jang Yoon pulled Hongyoung and she shook her head “It is you again”.

“I am a cheaper person even if I am laughing at myself.” Jang Yun comforted, “There is nobody cheap to ridicule.” Hong-yeong, who made a speech, said, “Come with me. “Let’s sleep,” he said.

The next day, Ha Eun-ju called Hong Yi-young to meet. Ha Eun-ju said, “I’m calling to reconcile you,” shamelessly told Jae Hyung to try again. After Ha Eun-joo left, Hong-yong expressed extreme anger to the recreation that he had worn with Ha Ji-ju in expensive clothes he had bought.

Hong Lee-young, who went to the convenience store with tears, called Jang Yoon after a long ago. Hong Yi-young told Jang Yun, “I think I met a crazy dog,” and handed a sosapo apple. Hong Yi-young demanded a tone evening evening call for a good night’s sleep, and Jang Yun expressed confidence that he was “I am a professional.”

In the middle of the night, Jang Yun called Hong Lee. Hong Yi-young applied for Kim Jong-guk ‘one man’ and Jang Yoon sang with perfect tone. Hong Yi-young gained peace in Jang Yoon’s continuous deviation. Hong Yi-young fell asleep and Jang Yoon was embarrassed by saying “what.”

Meanwhile, Jang took out the knife and recalled the case a year ago. In front of his eyes was a man in his late 20’s who died. The ring worn by the deceased coincided with the ring that Hong conceived earlier.

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