On the 5th KBS 2TV new monthly drama ‘Let’s sing your song’, Nam Ju-wan (Song Jae-lim) appeared as a new Maestro of Shin-Young Philharmonic.

On this day, Hong-yong (Kim Se-jung) tried to buy an umbrella at a convenience store, but gave up on the price. Changyun (Yeon Woo-jeong) approached Hong-yeong who came out of a convenience store and told him to wear an umbrella while saying that there was a lot of fine dust. Hong – yong replied, “Why am I? I do not know why, but please give me an umbrella,” but Chang – yoon ran over his umbrella saying, “I bought you an umbrella before.

However, Hong – yong chased his younger sister and said, “I appreciate it, but I do not give credit to anyone I do not know.” After that, Hong-yong saw the car running and saw someone holding a knife and could not move. Changyun saved Hong Hong Lee. Chang-yoon said, “It’s not like I could die right now.” Hong-yeong, who saw the eyes of Chang-yoon, fell down.

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