Dramax, MBN drama ‘level up’ (directing Kim Sang-woo / drama Kim Dong-gyu) stopped the energy-filled start with unique material and spectacular deployment, and the staff of the restructuring specialist Seonghoon (Andante) (Shin Yeonhwa Station) started to reveal the full-grown growling chemi, which gave excitement to the house theater.

In the 2nd Level Up, which was broadcast on yesterday (11th), Andante (Sung-hoon), who lost her mind and was carried to the emergency room by the attack of Kwak Han-cheol (Cha Sunwoo), was drawn at the reunion with Shin Yeonhwa . Andante, who had fallen, took an unexpected sleep, and this work was finished with a light incident, but it signaled the beginning of the gig, suggesting that the first meeting with Shin Yeonhwa would lead to an unexpected development.

The two people stumbled across another and emit a sparkling chemistry. Shin Yeonhwa realized that the new work released by Joey Buster’s competitor, Neck Viper, copied the idea of ​​the proposal he had submitted in his new year. Shin Yeonhwa, who had been searching for the plagiarism of his former chief boss who had been turned into a neck viper by that route, was caught up in embarrassment by threatening to sue him for defamation.

Andante, who emerged suddenly through the crowd at this time, “no pride in life,” he said, calm the excited new softening and apologized. In a logical statement, Andante, who was speaking out of her situation, blocked the conversation and showed that the relationship between the two people would become a tight tension.

However, Andante ‘s actions seem to have been to fix the situation in order to obtain the new softening in crisis, and the possibility of the two’ In the end of the second episode, Andante decided to give Joey Buster, and each time he encountered, the two men who formed the opposition composition sparked a curiosity and a nervous tension about how they would cooperate to revive the company.
In addition, the love line was painted with a pink airflow that was smooth and steep. When Andante was down, he was worried about the side, and he was very worried about him. He showed his heart toward him and kissed him.

In addition, Kwak Han-cheol, who became a friend of Shin Yeon-hwa, started to earn the hearts of viewers who are entangled with her heartbreaking relationship.

Andantante and Shin Yeonhwa cooperate to revive such a stolen company. In addition, anticipation for next week ‘s broadcast was exploding because of the anticipation of more colorful developments due to the appearance of various chemistries and love lines.

The drama, MBN drama ‘level up’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 o’clock.

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