‘Welcome 2Life’, which will be broadcasted for the first time at the end of July, will suffice for the benefit of my life. My way lawyer who is helping the lawyer is sucked into another parallel world by unlucky accident, It is a surreal satisfaction fantasy drama to be unfolded.

Lim Ji-yun will play the role of the main character, Lacion, and show a contrast between the pole and the pole in different parallel worlds. First of all, he plays criminal character of Hong Jin Il, a criminal for homicide, instead of nostalgic body, and plays crush character. At the same time, he is transformed into a working manga with bright and positive energy.


In particular, Lim Ji-yeon is expected to meet audiences through movies as well as dramas. Waiting for the release of ‘Taj: One Eyed Jack’, which is shot earlier this year. This year, I am going to take a day trip to the screen and the screen without a break.

On the other hand, Lim Ji-yeon has been actively involved in various works such as drama ‘Blower Miwoonga’, ‘Upper Society’ movie ‘Lucky’, and ‘Human Addiction’. In ‘Welcome 2Life’, there is a lot of expectation about what kind of hot show will attract viewers’ eyes and ears.

‘Welcome 2 Life’ starring Lim Ji Yeon will be broadcasted for the first time at the end of July.

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