During a music debut by LIMITLESS, a new member of the four-member Boy Group, Jang Mun-bok, reporter Hwang Mi-hyun made a tearful mention of his mother,

Limitless opened a showcase for the launch of the first digital single ‘Dreamplay’ at Move Hall in Seogyo-dong, Seoul at 4 pm on September 9.

Limitless starts with a formula called ‘long-mouthed group’. “Limitless is a group called Limitless, and it is called” Longmoon suit group. “At first, it seems to be attached because there is a little more recognition,” but “Limitless’ I think I can show more with ‘Limitless’ than ‘Group’. “

In addition, Jangmunbok, who had recently been a mother – in – law, showed tenderness to her mother. Jangmunbok said, “I had a lot of troubles, and my mother had a cancer, but my mother asked me to do it.” She said, “I wanted to see her making a formal debut with the team.”

He said, “My mother kept a lot of illnesses in order to interfere with my activities for the time being, and I told him only about cancer,” he said.

Jang Mun-bok said, “I wanted to show my mother the stage.”

Limitless, which means ‘no limits’ and ‘infinite possibilities’, includes a long-awaited response to ‘Superstar K2’ and ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 (‘Fdu 2’), AM (AM), Yoon Hee-suk, and JTBC ‘Mix Nine’, which appeared together in ‘Fdu 2’, and Raychan, who was visually attracted by the visuals.

Am asked a question about his colleagues who appeared in the audition together and said, “I have a great relationship with Bae Jin-young. Jin-young is a good friend to me because he is a very good friend. I want to be active, “he said.

Jangmunbok said, “I appreciate my family. I feel grateful when I think about giving a big thought to family thinking whenever I want to give up.

The debut single ‘Dream Cube’ is a metaphorical representation of the members’ dreams and the starting point of their fantasy ‘debut’. It is impressive that the lyrics are getting deeper into the illusion of dreams.

It is open at 6 pm on this day.

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